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Adult Poems

Poem: Oracle.

Oracle. . . The matches are spilled From the tipped box Like random yarrow sticks But I cannot decipher them . .

Poem: Words.

Words. . . I am sorry, for Apologies I never said, I have eaten my words, Grown fat upon them. . .

Poem: The Power Of Love.

The Power Of Love. . . You are not my judge Or my jury of twelve. Why then do your words Hold all of the importance Of an irrevocable verdict. You are definitely not a lawyer You cannot even spell A word like chrysanthemum. . .

Poem. Poor Dove.

Poor Dove. . . She sits alone Quiet in the tree No sounds, no trills, no calls. Where is her mate, The one I saw her with For days of bill and coo. She is so alone now. How must she pine If I can look at her And feel the need to cry. . […]

Poem: Under The Influence.

Under The influence. . . Do not look at me that way, Just the power of your glance Causes such sensations That I feel my heart will stop. . .

Poem: Gone West.

Gone West. . . Life is about Perspective Others could see my sunset As a wound on a far horizon . .

Poem: Here Comes The Sun.

Here Comes The Sun. . . How many early mornings Have I sat right here Bemused by the original beauty Of each emerging dawn. . .

Poem: Pregnant Pause.

Pregnant Pause. . . Beside the tender curl of flesh Like a fold in oyster satin Upon the smooth surface Of your extended stomach, How heart stopping To see that glorious stretch Rising in a sculpted lump To mark the motion of a foot . .

Poem: Wedding Day.

Wedding Day. . . That particular day I have never seen her so lovely. Suddenly she stood there Radiant in the swelling sound Of every wedding march there ever was. Time changes everything in it’s path But this one memory Will ever be crystal. . . .

Poem: Gallery Wall.

Gallery Wall. . . She spent the day arranging Pictures of her children Upon the bedroom wall Opposite her brass bed. Now, when she finds She cannot husband sleep, They keep her happy company. Filled with loving memories Throughout the chiming hours Of every restless night. . .