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Adult Poems

Poem:Not In Focus

Not In Focus. . . It is hard to describe it. Even time and thought Cannot set clearly in memory Something that transfixes you, But is only seen in black and white Within the cinema of the mind. No colour we could possibly name Would clearly describe the truth Reflected in a widened eye The […]


Karma. . . It is painful to wait But you cannot force it, Or bribe it, or coerce The outcome that you wish. You need to wait patiently For things that may never come. . .

Poem: The Road.

The Road. . How far along the road Do you think you are, Is there still time to do All the things you want. Or have you changed your mind About the things you want, And will you do that again. How long is the road anyway, I don’t imagine it is endless Because that […]

Poem:In Dangerous Waters.

In Dangerous Waters. . . Loving is dangerous, People you love have power To wreck your life with lies, Break your heart at any hour. . .

Poem: Sentinel.

Sentinel. . . Who stands each night Beside my midnight bed. Life’s long companion, Yet so unwelcome at the start. . .

Poem: Small Print.

Small Print. . . Do not give away what you have With no real meaning of it’s worth, There will always be a buyer Persuading at the door. Don’t swap the misunderstood, Don’t think to pawn or sell. You will be grievous short Of what is wholly irreplaceable. . .

Poem: Get Over It.

Get Over it . . It is not easy to forget about it But I am struggling to get there. It has been almost a year now But I still wake up during the night With the whole business on my mind. I obsessively go over it, I don’t  know how to stop it But […]

Poem: Just The One Thing.

Just The One Thing. . . Don’t you pretend That you don’t know The way our fine Romance will end, Our bedroom tussles On the hour. Don’t mean enough For spats to mend. There’s no way We can save our day ‘Cos I don’t want you As a friend. . .

Poem:Let’s Not Go There.

Let’s Not Go There. . . It’s a tricky one this, Not easy to express. It fights the hook Like a fresh caught catfish. I expect that you feel the same About those painful memories. Perhaps there are some things Much better left unsaid.

Poem: Living The Dream.

Living The Dream. . . A middle aged lady Spoke to him on the street But he did not recognise her, Plain, heavy set and very beige. Hard to see any shadow at all To match the nymph Who still casts urgent spells Within his fevered dreams. . .