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Children’s Poems

Poem: Barbecue.

barbecue . my friend was almost six foot two i cooked him on my barbecue and by the time that he was done he’d frizzled down to four foot one .

Poem: Great Questions Of Our Time.

great questions of our time . do hedgehogs suffer from prickly heat do centipedes ever get corns on their feet if leopards get measles can anyone tell would skunks be embarrassed to know that they smell . .

Poem: Man Cannot Live By Bread Alone. (Extract from Bone Soup.)

man cannot live by bread alone. (he needs carrots) . don’t sneer at a carrot they’re good and they’re fun i’ve met quite a few and i’ve liked every one . they have many functions and take many roles they’re really quite useful for stopping up holes . should you happen to chance upon good […]

Poem: No Government Safety Warning.

. . no government safety warning . There are no safety labels on my birthday suit am i proofed against fire is it safe to ablute will it tear from a tug get a run from a click will it melt in the sun be dissolved by my sick will it stretch if i bend […]