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Poem: No Way Jose.

No Way Jose. . . Don’t apologise Because I’ve heard it all So many times before. I could not forgive you now, No matter how hard I tried, Because just to say it Would stick in my throat Like sharpened tin. . .

Poem: Food For Thought.

Food For Thought. . . It is rude to eavesdrop and listen To other peoples’ conversations. You should not do it, but it is such fun, And you get lots of interesting news By that particular time honoured And most underhand method. It’s not for repeating mind you, Just for smiling about over a cup […]

Poem: King Edwards Bay, Tynemouth.

King Edwards Bay, Tynemouth. . . Flamboyantly, The sea flicks her skirts Upon the lichened stones In flirtatious welcome. . .  

Poem: Regrets, I’ve Had A Few.

Regrets, I’ve Had A Few. . . I wish I could do it again, I would do it so much better the next time. I would be a better daughter, I would be a better mother, I would be a better friend. My report card should read Tried hard but could do better, But that’s […]

Poem: Midnight Crawler.

Midnight Crawler. . . I cannot wait To go to bed, To reach my midnight When the dream begins. How real your face, How sweet the voice That calls, to let me know My window in time is open. . .  

Poem: False Start.

False Start. . . After a restless night I finally awoke To a morning Redolent of winter. Gone the welcome Of powder blue skies, The happy kiss of sun. Back to leaden clouds, and, What’s even worse All my reaching hyacinths Are without a winter quilt. . . .

Poem: Only A Glance.

Only A Glance. . It was only a glance From a boy at a bus stop When I was barely sixteen. He was actually with some girl When he turned to look at me, And I was caught and netted By a pair of ice blue eyes Pinpointed by tiny black irises, As, for that […]

Poem. Retrospect.

Retrospect. . . How many things in a life Have any lasting importance. There are so many little things That cause surprise, upset, pain And sleepless nights by the score That are unremembered In the scheme of things. If only we could have known this At the time they occurred. When you take a longer […]

Poem: Last Post.

Last Post. . . I sat in the garden Beneath the wisteria, Opened my mail To feel rising hysteria. I need a huge gin now To really kick ass And help me believe That this feeling will pass. . .

Poem: They’re Tough Up North.

They’re Tough Up North. . . How can you tell When it’s winter up North. It’s very easy really, Everyone adds a red nose To their usual outfit. How  can you tell When it’s summer up North. It’s very easy really, Everyone wears their usual outfit But the red nose goes. . .