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Poem: Crimson Lipstick.

Crimson Lipstick. . . Your waxy lips Are vamping In a 1940’s crimson. I don’t like it, But it suits you, And I have the urge To kiss you. . .

Poem: Handle With Care.

Handle With Care. . . Unstable, Tissue wrapped. No trinket this For careless Sweaty hands. . .

Poem: My Best Friend And Me.

My Best Friend And Me . My closest friend Is a rat-bag. She steals my guys And gives me hag. . Half of my gear Is on her back Why don’t I give The bitch the sack. . Perhaps it’s cause She’s always there, And best of all She cuts my hair. . Or could […]

Poem: On Second Thoughts.

On Second Thoughts. . He’s buggered off, My man has gone, What shall I do I’m all alone. . I’ll get to use The bedside light And read for hours Each bloody night. . I’ll pile the pillows At my head And make a starfish In the bed. . I’ll buy no meat, I’ll just […]

Poem: I Forgot Your Birthday!

I Forgot Your Birthday! . . So I forgot your birthday There’s no need to make a fuss, There’s no point in looking aggro And just slamming through the house. I expect you feel you hate me As you throw my stuff about, There’s no way you will forgive me ‘Til the next three months […]

Poem: They Are All Just Arseholes Anyway.

They Are All Just Arseholes Anyway. . Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, Don’t be too scared to try. There’s nothing good in hiding When you get a chance to fly. So people laugh when things go wrong, They say ‘I told you so.’ They wouldn’t have the nerve themselves, to even have a go. […]

Poem: Think Before You Speak.

Think Before You Speak. . . He asked for a shag ‘Cos he thought she was hot, But one quick bit of fun Wasn’t all that he got. A wife, child and dog, And a mortgage to pay Can be nature’s revenge For the things that you say. . .

Poem: Go For It.

Go For It. . . Don’t be held fast By merely words, Is disapproval Such a chain To hold you from The dreams you form. Why should you tailor To the norm. . .

Poem: Best Laid Plans.

best laid plans . . I intended to wait that was ever my plan but what can you do when you meet the wrong man . .

Poem: Darkened Rooms.

Darkened Rooms. . . Bed is a good place For remembering, And I’m recalling That, we always played Our best roles out In darkened rooms. . .