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Poem: Hey Sexy.

hey sexy . . hey sexy walk this way . i saw you from behind and fell . so long ago but i still say , to view you from behind that way . still makes my day . . j .

Poem: Bad Manners.

. bad manners . lord give me patience lord give me grace i’ll snap if one more bloody bastard sneezes in my face . . .j

Adult Poem: Need my fix..

, need my fix . no more read on the bog no more trying to jog no more shag like a dog well addicted to blog . j .

Poem: No Government Safety Warning.

. . no government safety warning . There are no safety labels on my birthday suit am i proofed against fire is it safe to ablute will it tear from a tug get a run from a click will it melt in the sun be dissolved by my sick will it stretch if i bend […]

Poem: Sunbathing

sunbathing . i sunbathed nude in manchester got browner there than most . i sunbathed in mombasa till i looked like crispy toast . i sunbathed on a cape town beach there were others there much darker . i sunbathed up in sunderland but i had to wear a parka . j .

Adult Poem: Crackers for Cheese

. crackers for cheese . . i do not think i stand alone in my desire for cheese . of all the treats in all the world it is the best of these . some fools believe that oysters can upstand a cock that’s iffy . but just the thought of stilton cheese can give […]

Poem: Sunday

sunday . . don’t answer the door don’t pick up the phone let’s stay here in bed and do fun things alone . . j .

Poem: SexGod

Sexgod . . the tiny mouse lived in a hole behind my chest of drawers he wore a hat of snowy white and corduroy plus fours he was well hung and entertained compliant  lady mice so potent were his rodent charms no need to ask them twice but sad for him his end was nigh […]

My Prayer

Hi, . Today I am posting a prayer that I composed many years ago, because I wanted something that was meaningful to me. . I love The Lord’s Prayer, but I  did not have anything other than that, which I enjoyed as much. . Oh no, that’s not correct, I do also love Psalm 23:4, […]