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Christmas Day Is Finally Here.

A Merry Merry Christmas to you, . What can I say to you on such a special morning except that …. and please do imagine me saying it with glittering tinsel round my head, a sticky glass of Buck’s Fizz in my hand, and a half empty box of Belgian chocolates nearby! . I am […]

Jack Frost Is Visiting.

Hi, . Oooh, it is bloody freezing this morning. . I had one of my very early wake-up mornings , and eventually had to get up at about 4.30am, because I got sick of lying in bed staring at the night. . It was probably my own fault this time because I got a bit […]

More Of The Same Today. Boring!

HI, . And a fine morning to you. . Actually that is not happening here today, as it is not a welcoming sort of morning….in fact it is wet, wet, wet! . There’s a thought. Do you remember that group called Wet, Wet, Wet, which were very very popular some years ago? . I recall […]

From The Darkest North.

Good Morning Peeps, . That is just an everyday greeting of course, which has nothing whatever to do with the sort of day that we are having up here. . It is nine o’clock am, and I still need to have the living room light on in order to be able to read comfortably. I […]

‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly.

Hello, hello, . I am writing to you from a very cold, but still sunny place, which is about the best that we can wish for at this time of year. . The one good thing about it is that the crows are now beginning to make a noise in the evenings, as they gather […]

I’m Still In The Dark.

Good Morning Peeps, . And so here I am again, in a somewhat . Sitting here writing a post in the early hours of the morning, with only the sound of a slight smattering of rain against the windows to keep me company. . It is a cold four o’clock in the morning ….. well […]

More Of The Same Old.

Hiya, . Greetings from the unluckily rain sodden part of the UK. . I don’t know what it is with our weather up here, but it certainly manages to be sub-standard a lot of the time. Yesterday it was pouring with rain for most of the day, and this was happening was while the beaches […]

Rise And Shine.

Hey, . What an amazing start to a new week. We all awoke to hazy blue skies and sunshine, like a faded photo of a hot summer’s day. . The forecast says that the temperature will be very high this week , the highest for about the last 25 years or so. Now, won’t that […]

A Breakfast Treat.

Good morning Peeps, . So, now the holiday is done and the world takes over again….stuff like work and shopping! Still, a day off is definitely nice while it lasts. . Today Big H was up before eight, to attend to his morning medications, and I was left in bed by myself….whoaaah, scary stuff! > […]

More Of The ‘Same Old Same Old’.

Hello Again, . Congratulations on having the luxury of a before you….and sorry if yours includes going to work! Back in the day, I used to adore waking up on a Saturday morning and then suddenly realising that I could lie there a bit longer if I wanted too, it was like suddenly being let […]