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Monday Strikes Again.

Hi, . So Monday strikes again….as it does with monotonous regularity. . Was your weekend fine and dandy, I do hope so. We did not even manage a walk yesterday because it rained for Britain. . Never mind, I did a lot of tidying up and tired myself out, so I was absolutely ready for […]

Problems In Paradise.

Hi, . Well, this is a way late time to be putting out my daily blog, but I am afraid there has been a serious teething problem with the beautiful Or should I say,, a problem with the operating system…. best described by my in-house expert ‘Big H’ as a software problem. . The Vista […]

It’s A Grey Day.

Hey, . Isn’t grey  a funny word. I sometimes spell it gray too, but the spellcheck always underlines it as incorrect, whereas the dictionary tells me that either spelling is acceptable. Anyway, if I do it the way the spellcheck wants, then it leaves me alone so I have succumbed to it’s bullying. Perhaps it is […]

The Postman Calls.

Hi Peeps, . Once again I hope that I find you well and happy with your lot. I always try to be happy with mine because I am far too lazy to go to the bother of trying to change anything anyway! . We have a pleasant day here today. The sky is a none […]

How Good Can It Get.

Hello, Hello, . How good is it today! . This is the most beautiful morning I have woken up to in such a long time. Even the birds are exulting in it. I have never heard such a joyful morning chorus. . The sky is an amazing Disney blue, from one corner to the other, […]

Big H Is Happy.

Hey, . Hoping all is well with yourself today. . Things are extremely mellow here at the moment. The computer Big H chose on line, arrived exactly on time yesterday, which was very good. He had a fine time getting into the box and unwrapping it all….just like Christmas all over again! . Of course […]

Hopefully We Have A Bargain!

Good Morning To You All, . Middle of the week now people, halfway to the weekend. See how time flies when you are being good! . Today is due to be an exciting day for us. We are BOTH up early, waiting for the arrival of our new laptop.  Of course, in the best of […]

A Rite Of Spring.

G’Day, . I just thought that I would like to add an exotic antipodean air to the proceedings today. . I would imagine that, all over the UK, people are now indulging in their favourite pastime, which takes place when it has been too wintry here for too long. . They have probably all been […]

Everything Went As Planned.

Hey, . ‘Good Morning’ to you. Hoping that you are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed today. . I know Mondays can be seen as a bit of a downer, but look at it this way, you have survived the weekend! You did not expire from either too much excitement, or from utter boredom, so you are ahead […]

What else do we all miss!

Hello, . Are you enjoying your weekend? Are you having fun? . It has been a good one for me so far. . Yesterday it was a fine day here, with blue skies and fair bit of sunshine. Big H and I took full advantage of it by going for a long walk by the riverside. Because […]