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We Tattooed Ourselves.

Hello, . When I was a little kid, we used to sport our own semi- permanent tattoos. . It did not have to be permanent because we did it nature’s way. . It was different, it was temporary, and we felt that it definitely got us noticed. . When a cut-out shape was placed onto […]


. Hello again, . Have you ever wondered how moonwalking came to be created? . I have. . And the conclusions drawn from my long and painstaking considerations and deep research are as follows. . One day, on a dazzlingly white and tropical beach somewhere in the Bahamas.  A lissome young man was lying and […]

What About Me?

Hi to you all. . Today is a gem, beautiful and very sunny.  Most excellent. If there is any rain coming then I sincerely hope that it goes to you and not me! . I have an acquaintance in the place where I live and when we meet we always have a long chat. She […]