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I Have Been Here Before.

Hi, . Well, here it is, me writing a post at 4.30am. I just could not sleep last night, so after lying sleepless for about an hour and a half I got up again and made myself a Warburton’s Potato Pancake and a of Lapsang. . As I have read all the books we got […]

Big Bad Wolves Abound!

Hi. . Greetings from a land of sunshine….no, I kid you not! . I have to tell you that I got pretty pissed off this morning when the post arrived, well it didn’t just suddenly arrive by magic or by Owl Post or something equally esoteric….the postman brought it ! And it was very very […]

Counting Kisses.

Hi, . Well, here I am once more, prowling about the house . . I did go to bed just after twelve, but then did the old thing of lying there wide-eyed as the hours passed slowly by. Although it was at least snug and warm in bed, I had to leave it eventually because […]

So It’s A Normal Sort Of Tuesday.

Hi Folks, . So beckons. . It is not a great morning weather-wise today, as it is gray gray and more gray. Yesterday came as a disappointment after all of that sun and heat on Sunday, which now seems to have been a one-off,  as the more usual rubbish weather has quickly resumed. . I […]

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Hi, . Good morning to yourself. And so we all begin a new week, all untouched as yet! . It is still the usual here, with grey skies and if not rain, then the definite threat of rain because of slow-moving low over the UK.. I went out to this morning and was surprised to […]

All Sunday Not Touched As Yet.

Greetings to you all, . Oh, what a beautiful  morning, Oh what a….. . It is truly in the North today. . The sky is a blazing blue framing an incandescently bright sun….and the church bells are going bonkers. Our whole world is . . Although it was not a very bright afternoon yesterday, Big […]

Heatwave High Pressure Causes Problems In The South.

Hi, . There has been very dramatic weather today, during this unusual heat wave we are experiencing. . At about 2pm today the Gatwick Airport control tower was reportedly struck by lightning. This caused a temporary failure of the ground control systems, which resulted in there being flight suspensions for a short period, and possibly […]

Thursday Is Here Again.

Hi Peeps, . What a beautiful morning it was today. . I arose early to find brightness and sunshine, which has now degenerated back into greyness and rain, but at least you don’t have time to get bored with the weather up here. . Talking about being bored, it was most exciting seeing the effects […]

Don’t You Just Love It When That Happens!

Hi Peeps, . . I spent Friday night in my usual fashion. Watching American Idol. Not as good as our British X Factor programme….but much better than nothing. . Did you watch it yourself. Did you see the pretty Scotty win the whole thing. . . Well, now to the clever bit. I was completely […]

Wow….I Love Friday.

Hi Peeps, . Well, you know the saying ‘I Love New York’….well ‘I Love Friday’, and I get to a far more often than I can ever expect to get to New York. And to paraphrase Charles Dickens, being satisfied with the amount you have leads to contentment. . Having said that, I actually do […]