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Tell Me Wishing Well, Will My Dreams Come True!

Hello, Hello, . Wednesday dawns, with warmth and light grey skies, accompanied by the happy tapping of house elves working industriously on our own little gingerbread cottage, the rhythmic chanting of ‘High-ho, high-ho, it’s off to work we go’ in a fine tenor counterpoint!   . I am bending before a bright , held up […]

Survival Of The Fittest?

Hi, . How come I am so bloody ….like many other unfortunate people. . And there all all of those others who are long-sighted and those who are everywhere in between. But what we have in common is the sad fact that, without our specs, many of us are close to being dangerously . . […]

A Night-Time Ramble.

Hi, . So here I am, up in the early hours . It is three o’clock in the morning and all is well. . Don’t ask me why but I just suddenly woke up and could not settle again. It is no good fidgeting about and waking Big H up, so I decided to make […]

All We Need Is A Pimm’s To Make It Perfect.

Hey Folks, . So here we are again, meeting on yet another . . Yesterday was amazingly warm and the sun shone industriously the whole day long. Big H felt energetic enough to get out and strim the edges of everything, so now we are all neat and tidy. . He rewarded himself afterwards with […]

Oh, I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside.

Hi, . And a good afternoon to you from a cold and grey place. It is a good job that I  have a slight tan from that recent exotic spell of weather because otherwise it would be hard to believe that it ever happened at all. Looking out from my window I see that everyone […]

A Rubbish Day Was Had By All.

Hi, . Sorry the post is a bit late today but we were up early for the hospital visit. . Big H does not look forward to the ones like today at all. Apparently the procedure is not at all enjoyable, because your head gets fixed in position and then the headpiece is fitted tight […]

It’s Curtains For Me!

Hi, . What a I have woken up to today. I don’t know what I did to deserve it, but it must have been something amazing because everything here is positively shining in the sunshine. . I shall try to get out and enjoy it today….especially after the day I had yesterday! . In the […]

Whoaah, Feeling Tropical.

Hey, Hey, . Welcome to my land of sunshine upon this most wonderful morning. I hope that you are as lucky! . I was right about yesterday, when I joked that it could possibly be by teatime, ‘cos it actually happened that way. After the dubious start, the sky cleared to a wonderful blue and […]

Spring Is Nearly Sprung.

Hi, . Well, here I am up again at an . . So how is your week proceeding. . Mine is going OK, although we are back to leaden grey skies and extremely cold weather up here in the North. says I. . We have not done very much lately due to Big H’s lack […]

A Pleasant And Healthy Weekend.

Hi, . How did your weekend progress. . I hope you are had fun. . Yesterday I had a fine myself. We got up at 8 am and had tea, doorstep toast, butter and Marmite. Very tasty it was too. . Then we had a tiny read of the papers before we went down to […]