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Something Unexpected In The Garden.

Hello Peeps, . So here we are, back in the North again, and  you can certainly feel the difference in temperature here. . We have been down in the London area for a while, doing some visiting and looking about etc. It was all immense fun….and obviously warmer too! . Unfortunately I took my trusty […]

More Sex Makes More Babies.

Good morning, . It is a grey day here today, with heavy silver skies and quite , with a definite dampness in the air. Not at all unpleasant, but not at all summery. It has been such a dreadful winter this year that I cannot imagine it ever being luxuriously warm again! . You cannot […]

All Fall Down.

Hey, . Monday, , once again. . I expect that you may well be resentfully submitting to Monday and all of it’s responsibilities and tasks. but for those of us there are other options. Lots of other retired people have said to me that they hate retirement, because they feel useless and unwanted. and they […]

It Does Not Have To Be All Gloomy.

Hello Again, . It is Tuesday now and if I cannot get up soon I shall go around the bend totally. It must be awful for those poor people who are actually bedridden, especially if they cannot escape onto the Internet. I am thinking even more strongly now that very old people should be given […]

Wednesday Night Was A Bummer.

God Morning, . Another warm morning here with everything washed anew. During the night we had endless rain and extremely strong winds that kept sounding like cracking whips….very effects! That is definitely the best time to be warm and snug in your own bed, it highlights how lucky you are to be there feeling so […]

A Different Tack Today.

Hey, . Friday’s back….weekend’s nigh….yeahhhhh! . Actually I have just realised that today’s heading could be quite misleading for those of you who are of a horse riding type ‘cos this has nothing to do with horses. Sorry about that. I actually don’t know much about horses at all, except for the fact that sat […]

The Wigs From Hell.

Good morning Peeps, . Well it is once again….roll on the weekend! . Wednesday was a very frustrating day once the postman had delivered. We received our Georgian-style from the fancy-dress site on the Internet….great excitement. We opened the bags up and had a look….extreme disappointment. . What a load of total crap they were. […]

All The World’s A Stage.

Hey, . Well here I am again and history is once more. . Having gone to bed at 2.00am, I again managed to be totally awake again just before 4am. . I would much rather be in bed where it is warm but I would eventually get restless and that would disturb Big H, who […]

Aerial Display.

Hi, . What a bloody early morning I have had. . Once more I got up again in because I could not get back to sleep. . I hate having to do that at the moment because it is absolutely freezing at that time of night. I ended up wearing my sheepskin boots, then my […]

The Best Laid Plans.

Hello, . Yet another . And they still keep coming around with amazing regularity too. . Up until this moment my morning was getting increasingly frustrating because I could not get my damned computer to access the  server at all. This meant that, although I was ready to get my post done quickly and early, […]