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Insomniacs Inc.

Hello, . Well, here I am again, up in the middle of the night….almost , no-one in the place etc…..as Frank Sinatra used to say! . I did go to bed sensibly at half past twelve, but Big H came with me and lay there reading for longer than me. I tried to go to […]

2011. The Mummy Returns!

Greetings Peeps, . Home again, home again,! . I am finally back from my Christmas peregrinations, and I hope that I find you similarly happy after your holiday, replete with desirable presents and with not too much extra weight from all of those festive goodies. . It is a very good job that it only […]

Oh No, Not Again.

Hey folks, . Well, I awoke this morning and eventually opened my eyes to a somewhat changed light coming into the bedroom. I lay there for a while, not wanting to believe my suspicions were correct. Then a car passed by, making a certain sound, and I knew they were. . I arose and went […]

Bloody Fibbers!

Hi and Good Morning, . Whoah….it is now getting again, as the weather forecasters predicted. How inconvenient, we shall all be snowed in for Christmas at this rate because everything will stop again and the whole country will be in chaos once more. It is amazing really that it always happens here, no matter how […]

I Felt Like A Polar Explorer.

Hello., And a happy to you, . Nothing much has changed up here, we are still freezing cold, with piles of frozen snow all over the place. . Yesterday Big H thought that we should go and see how our little car was coping with the extreme snowfall over the past week or so. . […]

Why Siestas Were Invented.

Good morning, . Hooray, Hooray, Hooray….I think that it may be getting a bit warmer now, because I stuck my foot out of the bed this morning when I first woke up, and it did not sizzle and turn blue immediately. Perhaps we are going to finally have a thaw and get rid of all […]

Snow Stops Play.

Hi. OMG, you should see it here today. We are snowbound . There is a least a couple of foot of snow over everything and it is freezing cold….it is beautiful, but I hate not being very warm. Big H had to bring me this morning, because when I got up early I soon changed […]

Unexpected Pleasures.

Hi Peeps, . again. It comes around so regularly. . Yesterday was mostly a quiet one, spent indoors with the newspapers, the whiskey, and two ‘not in the least bit successful’ lottery tickets. Shame that, I could have been jetting off to somewhere utterly beguiling at this very moment, but it was not to be. […]


Hi, Midweek already….or as my Canadian friend always says….it’s Humpday. That means the mid-part of the week, then you get over the hump and on to the weekend. . As an English person I at first assumed that it could be sexual ….ie. humping….but I was wrong. Not that having a special day of the […]

RIP My Old Friend!

Hi Peeps, . Yesterday my died. Everything is fine with regard to the music, the lights and the various speed dials and incline buttons etc. but the bloody thing will not move the belt at all….not one inch. It did no good me swearing at it so Big H had a go at fixing it, […]