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The Best Part Of My Day

BPoMD 31: Time Gentleman Please.

Time Gentlemen Please. . . Watching a wasp Circling the rim of the glass Before making it’s way down For a quick illicit drink . .

BPoMD 30: Immediate Satisfaction.

Immediate Satisfaction. . . How nice to be out Tootling in the car Then suddenly going For an unexpected lunch . .

BPoMD 29: Early Birds.

Early Birds. . . Seeing my patio wall Suddenly descended upon By the early morning Breakfast crowd . .

BPoMD 28: Cosmetic Surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery. . . How transforming To see our house Suddenly bedecked With hanging baskets . .

BPoMD 27: Jam-my Pleasure.

Jam-my Pleasure. . . Parachutes By Vedder What else could Be bedder . .

BPoMD 26: Java.

Java. . . A rare coffee, From my favourite cup That only I Am allowed to use . .

BPoMD 25: Eternal Question.

Eternal Question. . . A soft hand In the dark night Asking quietly If I am awake . .

BPoMD 24: Night Mare.

Night Mare. . . To be suddenly ejected From a turbulent dream To find that all is well And just as it should be . .

BPoMD 23: Quick Shower.

Quick Shower. . . Suddenly the squall From thickened clouds Pregnant with the rain Falling warmly upon us . .

BPoMD 22: Bite The Bullet.

Bite The Bullet. . . Finding out that When you are afraid It is very empowering To do it anyway . .