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The Best Part Of My Day

BPoMD 100. Oh Bliss, Oh Poop.

Oh Bliss, Oh Poop. . . The top is down, The sun is shining, The wind is tousling my hair Like a playful lover . .

BPoMD 99. Messages.

Messages. . . Strange the sounds In the dead of night Taking on an importance Ignored in the day . .

BPoMD 98: Like A Boy Scout.

Like A Boy Scout. . . Every library book we had chosen Was just complete crap Good job I had a new one Put away for a rainy day . .

BPoMD 97: Special Delivery.

Special Delivery. . . Answering a knock at the door In the middle of cleaning the cooker To find a delivery man standing there With something I ordered from TK Max. . .

BPoMD 96: The Scent Of Paper.

The Scent Of Paper. . . The pleasure to be had In retiring early to bed To read a brand new book That no-one else has opened. . .

BPoMD 95: Hard Work.

Hard Work. . . My God, we went for a walk And I had to climb a bloody hill. I have to say though That it is good to get a new viewpoint. . .

BPoMD 94: Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect. . . Walking by the river A sudden shaft of sunlight Lit up a single tree With bark that looked like raw silk . .

BPoMD 93: Cuppus Interruptus.

Cuppus Interruptus. . . What an extra-fabulous cup of tea I made myself this morning, Why does that always happen When I have to rush away and leave it. . .

BPoMD 92 . Wet.

Wet. . . It may be pouring But it raises a smile To see the hanging baskets Trembling in the rain . .

BPoMD 91: Just Look.

Just Look. . . Upon the purple Buddlia Lie opened butterflies Like Faberge jewels Upon a royal bed . .