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The Best Part Of My Day

BPoMD 90. Fall.

Fall. . . How beautiful The changing trees are, Almost, but not quite, Worth the winter. . .

BPoMD 89: An Inspired Purchase.

An Inspired Purchase. . . Leopardskin boots Peeping from blue jeans Each time I put My best foot forwards . .

BPoMD 88: A Timely Reminder.

A Timely Reminder. . . It was a buzz To open up the computer And find a letter From an old friend in France Extolling the many benefits To be obtained from eating honey . .

BPoMD 88: In The Moment.

In The Moment. . . Sometimes imagining A wonderful thing Is almost as good As having it happen . .

BPoMD 87: Looking For Eric.

Looking For Eric. . . Watching a brilliant film That made me laugh so much I was still smiling On my way to bed . . .Link to , with video film trailer.

BPoMD 86: At Noon.

At Noon. . Fine dust rises Powdered in the air As we walk the path That leads to the riverside . .

BPoMD 85: Brekkie.

Brekkie. . . Using my spoon To smack the top Of a perfect Four minute egg . .

BPoMD 84: Perfect Timing.

Perfect Timing. . . Having an enjoyable Walk in the country And getting back home again Just as the rain begins . .

BPoMD 83: Small Child.

Small Child. . . Well remembered emotions, To have a child’s tiny hand Placed unhesitatingly in mine With such an innocent trust. . .

BPoMD 82: Obviously A Convoluted Plot.

Obviously A Convoluted Plot. . . I substituted the book Waiting on Big H’s  pillow With a similar looking book, Opened at about the same place, And he just read it ’til he went to sleep I couldn’t stop laughing . .