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The Best Part Of My Day

BPoMD 80: So Smooth.

So Smooth. . . Shooting off in the car To keep a hospital appointment, Only to end up stuck In a bloody traffic jam. How wonderful to reach A crowded car park With only minutes to spare, to find An empty place appear as if by magic. . .

BPoMD 79: Ducking And Diving.

Ducking And Diving. . So many little ducks Racing at the edge of the water Disappearing for long seconds Beneath the weir swell . .

BPoMD 81: Old Time Tastes.

Old Time tastes. . . Having thick buttered toast And fresh comb honey With cinnamon powder Scattered upon it For the first time Since I was a child . .

BPoMD 78: All Fur Coat.

All Fur Coat. . . When the room grew chill I was fascinated to feel All the hairs on my arms Slowly stand up straight . .

BPoMD 77: A Pale Dawn.

A Pale Dawn. . . It is a pale dawn today Faded out by soft mists, Almost like a dress rehearsal For the real thing. . .

BPoMD 76: OK Now.

OK Now. . . How wonderful to meet a friend Who’s been going through it And have them tell you That ‘everything’s gonna be allright’ . .

BPoMD 75: Bluer than Blue Dream.

Bluer Than Blue Dream. . . Thigh high boots Are the stuff of dreams, Especially when Donald Sutherland Is prancing about in them .

BPoMD 74: Five Percent Shrinkage.

Five Percent Shrinkage. . . The entirely mad enthusiasm That suddenly grips At the prospect of a long walk In a world of pouring rain . .

BPoMD 73: After the Rains.

After the Rains. . . How exhilarating to stand Upon a wind lashed bridge Watching the frenzied rush Of swollen red-brown waters . .

BPoMD 72: Bliss.

Bliss. . . Sliding into a heated, Freshly changed bed, With nothing else to do But snuggle down and sleep. . .