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Being Green

You Absolutely Cannot Miss This!

Hi Folks, . I have just seem something absolutely wonderful, and I want to share it with you. . A humpback whale was trapped in a discarded fisherman’s net in the Sea Of Cortez, off the coast of California. . Luckily for the whale, three men in a boat saw what they thought was a […]

The Cube Project.

Hey, Hey, . I hope that all is well with yourself today….and with your home and hearth. . My thoughts have been turning to again lately, and to the changes required for a retirement move. . I have also often wondered how much ‘stuff’ we actually need instead of the mountains of ‘neccessary’ posessions that […]

Wake Up Now.

Hi, . Today is a greeny issue. It is with regard to the scary changes which are taking place in the oceans….and speeding up all the time. . Project Clamer is a worldwide study, where reports from many different are gathered together, as they collaborate in a huge effort to plot the effects of climate […]

Fiery Skies. Earthquake In Chile.

Hi, . Bad news on the front at the moment. . There has been a in Chile now, from a volcano in the Puyehue Cordon Caulle Chain, which contains many volcanoes. There is said to have been no major eruption there for the past half a century . There is a high plume of smoke […]

What A Difference A Day Makes.

, . Just thinking that a little touch of Aussie charm would enliven today’s blog offering. . Oh come on, I am doing my best to give an antipodean feel to your day, without you actually having to travel there. . My Oh My, and what a wonderful day it is too. The sun is […]

Volcanoes R Us

Good Morning, . So it is Sunday once more, amazing how regularly we keep getting them really! . The skies were very heavy and black when I got up this morning, not much sign yet of the two weeks of weather which was being forecast to begin about now. But hey, weather is a strange […]

Final Warning. London Air Is Dangerous.

Hi, . I hope I find you chipper today. . We are having another very warm day again here….as forecast….but all is not well. Yesterday it ended up being a hazy sort of day here, all day, and was more chilly out of the sun too. . It turned out that there were warnings issued […]

Why Oh Why!

Hi, . Greetings to you. . Although this is still a beautiful country, it seems that the problems of littering and fly tipping are getting worse everywhere. This is really strange when you think that there are Waste Management Sites all over the place, which are free and run by the council. They also have […]

Taiji Cove. The Silence Of The Dolphins.

Hi, . Heartbreaking stuff again, with regard to Taiji Cove in Japan. . When the brutal and secret killing of dolphins was and released in the shocking film The Cove, the reaction of the Japanese government was to deny everything and say that the slaughter was humanely done and was to provide food. . Fishermen, […]

Waking Up.

Hi, . We have had a change in the weather here, thank goodness. It has suddenly become warmer, with intermittent blue skies, not exactly summery but different enough to give us hope that the summer may actually arrive at some time! . As all of the horrible black ice is now gone, we are able […]