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Being Green

Apocalypse Now?

Hey, . How are you doing this . I hope that your weekend is exceeding all of your expectations! . Ours has been a little disappointing owing to the inclement weather. I awoke this morning to find that the bloody snow is back, and it is incredibly cold, with everything frozen up solid. . Yesterday […]

A Devil Of A Feast.

Hey, . I have just been hearing about yet another case of casualties resulting from the terrifically cold winter we are being subjected to this year. The sea has apparently become the coldest it has been for over 100 years. . This fall in temperature has now resulted in almost 50,000 Necora Puber, otherwise known […]

Going To the Dogs.

Oh dear, . The new VAT increase is now pushing the prices up, while temperatures are all set to fall again. I cannot believe that we may have to cope with a return of December’s horrible Arctic weather. We really needed cheering up, because we have months to go until the summer arrives again, but […]

The Clock Is Ticking.

Hi People, . Oh My….Oh My! This morning I have woken up to find myself in the middle of a christmas card. It is a complete whiteout. There are inches of snow on everything, and the world has been transformed into a Narnia wonderland, even though I have been nowhere near a wardrobe! Exquisite. . […]

Barking Up The Right Tree.

Hi Peeps, . Well, after so many about the abysmal way that we are caring for, and abusing, this utterly lovely planet of ours, there is actually some very encouraging news to pass along. . The UK has more woodlands now than it has had in the past 250 years. Not since the 1750’s has […]

Jacinto Zarabata’s Visit To London.

Hi, . I hope that you had an excellent weekend. We had a very, very damp one here because it never stopped raining at all. I am surprised that we are not all tiny from shrinkage after being soaking wet so often, I mean if you waited for it to actually stop before you went […]

Lost Land Of the Tiger. Episode Three.

Hi, . Oh my God, what a great series this is, so real and exciting and important for the survival of the tigers, . Dr Rabinowitz is so intense about helping these beautiful big cats. It is so touching that he is able to use his terminal and untreatable cancer as a spur, to keep […]

Frantic Efforts To save Stranded Whales.

Hi, . At the moment a frantic rescue operation is being carried out on an isolated New Zealand beach. A large pod of about 70 Pilot Whales has been stranded there. . Approximately one hundred volunteers are trying, non-stop, to save the lives of as many whales as they can, keeping the unlucky creatures wet […]

Lost Land Of The Tiger. Episode Two.

Hi, . What A fabulous series this is. What beautiful creatures tigers are. . I think God must have created tigers on the last day just for his own pleasure! Link to watch episode 2. . .

Lost Land Of The Tiger. Episode One.

Hi, . . Well, did you watch ‘Lost Land Of The Tiger’ tonight. It was brilliant. . The next episode is on BBC tomorrow night. I shall definitely be clearing my calender for it. . If you regret being naughty and missing it, then use this link to watch the first episode, and catch up. […]