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Lost Land Of The Tiger. The Preview.

Hi, . . This is just to let you know that there is a programme on BBC 1 this week, called Lost Land of the Tiger. . This programme shows film of a ‘lost’ colony of tigers which have been found living at a high altitude in the Himalayas. . This film was obtained by […]

A Warning. Broadcast Globally This September 2010.

Hi, . . Twenty or so years ago, a film maker called Alan Ereira was making a documentary for the BBC. He worked with a tribe of people who called themselves the Kogi. These people live up on remote mountains on Colombia’s coast in South America. . This tribe believe that their purpose is to […]

Live Quietly On The Earth,

Hi, . It’s a much nicer day here today. Very cold before the sun came up, but sunny now with a pale blue sky….and no rain at all! . I don’t expect anyone is keen on going back to work this , after the weekend, but at least next weekend will be here sooner than […]

Maniacs On The Roads.

Hey Peeps, . My goodness, how many times do we see bad driving on our roads. How many times do we watch some fool who almost caused an accident through bad driving, and wish that there had been a policeman to see it. . How many times, like me, do you see or hear of […]

How Many Times Has This Happened?

Hey, . Sunday Greetings. I hope that you are being greeted today with a bright and sunny summer day, but that is probably a step too far if you reside in the UK. In my particular patch we are still enjoying grey skies and heavy rain….so what’s changed! . Never mind, because all is well […]

Doctors’ Advice To Gwyneth Paltrow.

G’day, . Greetings once more from our very own version of ‘Groundhog Day’, that most excellent film starring Bill Murray. I cannot believe that you don’t know what I am talking about, but if you don’t, then you need to watch it! Now! Once again I am writing to you from the beginning of a […]

Cruelty To Horses.

Hey, . If you do not want to see painful things and be upset then please don’t read this post, you are probably already too disturbed by a lot of my other posts recently because cruelty never seems to stop. In all of the research I have done into whaling etc, I had never considered […]

The Cove. Taija Japan. A Disgraceful Secret.

Hi, . This is not the most cheerful of mornings, being wet and grey again today, and neither is this going to be the most cheerful of posts. . Have you seen the prize winning film ‘the Cove’? This eye opening film is an Oscar winning documentary that brings to light the inhumane slaughter of […]

Another Reference To ‘The End Of Days’.

Hey, . Good morning to you. . We have a beautiful morning here today. I awoke to sunshine and some blue sky….no rain at all yet. I would quit while I am ahead but unfortunately there is the rest of the day to get through….and that probably means even more rain. . But then again, […]

Unbearable Cruelty In Abattoirs.

Hey, . It is enough to turn you to vegetarianism. . Videos have been released by Animal Aid which were taken during some covert filming in many abattoirs in the UK. . The most recently taken video showed a slaughter man gratuitously inflicting terrible suffering upon pigs, which are shown being given repeated shocks with […]