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Being Green

BBC Video. Monkey-Eating Eagle Of The Orinoco

Hi, . Just to ask you….did you remember to watch the amazing BBC2 nature programme that about? . Well, if you missed it you have been very, very naughty. But do not despair because the wonderful BBC have a catch-up facility for those absentminded nature lovers among you, although I think that it may only […]

The Monkey-Eating Eagle Of The Orinoco. BBC Tonight.

Hi, G’Day to you. Are you going to be busy tonight, with some unmissable appointment, or are you totally free? If you are, and you enjoy Natural World programmes, then there promises to be an excellent programme on BBC2 at 7.00pm tonight ( in the UK). . It was filmed over a period of one […]

December 12th 2012. End Of Days?

Hi, . I hope that you are well today. I hope that you are enjoying life. . Have you ever wondered about all of the different prophecies, beliefs and forecasts about the timing of the end of the world as we know it. These range from the beliefs of American Indians and the biblical Revelations […]

IWC Corruption Review.

Hi, . It is a beautiful morning here, with blue skies, sunshine and birdsong. Wonderful. . Something else wonderful has happened. Do you remember my posts about the and that the Sunday Times discovered and reported on recently. Well, there has been a good result from their expose. . Officials from Nations all over the […]

With Extreme Prejudice. The Culling Of British Wildlife.

Hi, . I just thought that I would share this with you. . I know that man was granted dominion over the animals….but what about treating them with a little respect and care. . If you are bothered about the millions of disappearing animals then you must read a fabulous, easy-to-read, well illustrated report which […]

Shame On Woburn Safari Park.

HI, . My god, did you know about the expose done on the inhuman way that the animals at Woburn are kept in. Although it has been trading on the fact that they say animals are allowed to roam free in a ‘natural environment’ this has now been discovered to be far from the truth. […]

BP. A Blot On The Seascape.

. . .Raging Grannies protest BP their about frigging drilling rigs. . Greenpeace comment. . . BP’s stance? . Oh Dear, it seems that none of us are perfect then! . . .

Bribes, Whales, Cash and Prostitutes.

Good Morning Peeps, . So, here we are again ….it’s Monday…. and it is a cold and rainy one to boot! . The only good thing about Mondays is that they hopefully come after a cracking weekend, so if they don’t then you only have yourself to blame. . My own weekend was very very […]

Poem: Let’s Get Rid Of Planes.

Let’s Get Rid Of Planes. . . Airlines are not green at all Their pollution’s in the red, If you can fly on wings of song Let’s just do that instead. . .

Act Swiftly.

Hey, We have begun yet ….albeit a gray one. I warmed two croissants that I bought yesterday and we had a very pleasant breakfast together. . While I was tearing delicious morsels off mine, I read the Home supplement of The Times and saw a report about Swifts being added to the Amber List, which […]