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Being Green

Bloody Japanese

Hi . Now Japan sucks, . . I was pretty disgusted to read that after a 25 year worldwide ban on commercial whaling, things are going to change. . Japan is now taking steps to overturn the prohibition. Japan, Norway and Iceland carry out whaling at the present time, and have done so since 1986 […]

A Plague Of Noxious Smog.

Hello Folks, . This is an unexpected treat for you. A second post! Are you not lucky, lucky, lucky as Kylie would say! . I was just reading that China received some divine punishment last week….no doubt because of their previous in so It seems that last week  Hong Kong was hit by a poisonous […]

Where The Wild Animals Are.

Hey, Monday again….don’t they come around with monotonous regularity! . I hope that you had a memorable weekend. Mine was quite good. Well, let’s face it, at my sort of age any weekend is way better than the alternative, hence the obsession with . . On Saturday we had a quiet and damp sort of […]

Egypt Is Revealing The Eighth Wonder Of The World

Hey, . Another week almost done now. My, how quickly they pass, the older you get. . We have a grey day here again….but why change something that works! Seriously though, we have some hazy sunshine and the temperature is definitely rising nicely. So summer is coming….slowly! . I think that we are overusing the […]

New DR Congo Impact Crater Found.

Hi, Well, there is interesting news afoot. . It seems that a report by Italian researchers has identified a huge crater of up to 46km in central Africa. . It is thought to have been caused by impact. Perhaps happening after the Jurassic Period. There are less than 30 craters of this sort of size […]

Free-Bees From The Co-operative.

Hi, . Wishing you a fine day! . Last year The Co-Operative, which has about 600 bee hives on it’s farmland all over the UK, began a pilot scheme in Manchester to try to make people aware of the plight of the Honeybee. They hoped that this new awareness would cause people to want to […]

Wholesale Slaughter.

Hi, . Greetings from a cold and dark corner of the UK. It is still freezing here, with no visible sign of change. When I got up this morning and looked out of the window I could still see snow lying in the fields across the valley. Brrrr.! . Today has proceeded in an orderly […]

Whoaah, Stay Out Of Swedish Forests If You Are Wearing A Little Red Riding Hood.

Hi, . The weather here is continuing to be harsh. It is still freezing cold and overnight we had snow again. Yesterday Big H felt energetic enough to go for a walk and by the time we got home I could not feel my fingers anymore. . I have to admit that with retirement looming, […]

How Are You Today. Any Presents?

Greetings, . It sounds like a birthday card when I start like that! I have never realised that before, but you know what I mean to convey. A hearty, satisfied mood would be what I am aiming for today, but if it is your birthday then I wish you a very, very happy one and […]

It Could All Be A Lot Worse. Trust Me On This.

Hello, . My goodness this week is disappearing fast. It is great to be able to go for walks and pop out to see a friend again instead of being marooned in the house by huge falls of snow and dangerous ice. . I was told yesterday, by a fellow buying meat pies in the […]