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Being Green

Untamed World.

Good Day To You, . Whoah, we may feel that we humans are in charge and that we control our environment….but we certainly do not! . A week ago an undersea robot filmed an undersea volcanic eruption as it happened. This was just a lucky happenstance, right place at the right time. For 25 years […]

Invasion Of The Giant Jellyfish.

Hi, . Have you read about the Giant Jellyfish that are disrupting the Japanese fishing industry this year. I have never seen anything so absolutely amazing . It is thought to be attributable to Global Warming because the seas around Japan and China are warming quickly and providing these creatures with their ideal conditions. . […]

Life. Too Good To Miss.

Hi, . Just in case you forgot to watch the BBC series I was previously. . Here is a link to the second episode! It may look like the “Jesus” clip but this is the full episode. It really is too good to miss out on. J. . ,

New, Fabulous BBC Series. You CAN NOT Miss This! ,

Good Morning Peeps, . Last night Big H showed me a film clip last night, and it totally took my breath away. . It shows you a lizard….nicknamed ‘The Jesus Christ Lizard’ …..which walks on water. . The film was shot at 2,000 frames per second in order to show the amazing, slow motion, footage. […]

A Very Sweet Tooth.

Hi, . Did you know that a revolution has been going on under our very own noses. Yes it is true. Sweeties are going all Retro. There has been a swing away from the modern style of sweets, with all their E Numbers, and associated bad effects upon children. I mean, if they must eat […]

I Cannot Believe I Missed This One.

Hey, . I have just discovered Stephen Fry and Mark Carwardine’s programmes… A Search For Animals On The Edge Of Extinction. . Have you seen these programmes? If you did I cannot believe that you did not tell ME about it! . I have just seen the most hilarious clip of a mating bird. I […]

The Final Countdown. Land Of The Lost Volcano.

Good Morning Peeps, . Did you manage to catch the programme last night. This time the crew were packing up their equipment and the base camp, on the outer slopes of Mount Bosavi.. Meanwhile, Steve climbed up the steep slopes and over into the crater of the extinct Volcano, where he began to set up […]


Hello, hello, hello, . Oh my goodness, I cannot wait to tell you an amazing thing. . Did you know that you can now hear the voice of a tree! You can even go and hear it yourself if you are lucky enough to live near to Harlow Carr Gardens in Harrogate. . An artist […]

The Lost Land Of The Volcano.2

Hello, hello, hello, . Oh my goodness, did you remember to watch the second part of the series I was . It was amazing.  What a triumph for the BBC.  This makes up for their past failings.  This is what they are best at. . This week we saw the team leader, Dr. George McGavin, […]

And While We Are On The Subject Gordon.

Hello, . As you know from my other post, I am So I am sharing this with you too. It will not alter the status quo at all but I will feel a lot better by getting it all off my chest. . . And While We Are On The Subject Gordon. . Servicemen need […]