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Being Green

You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself Gordon.

Hello, . As you know I am totally enjoying the new programmes about the BBC expedition to Mount Bosavi  to film the Lost Land Of The Volcano series. . The hope is that we will all realize that we cannot afford to keep on destroying our jungles at the present rate.  If we do not […]

Oops, They Did It Again.

Hi Folks, . Well, today I want to tell you a bit more about China. . In China recently, there have been reports of even more Environmental damage being caused to their people, and of officially backed ill treatment to silence protesters. This was highlighted by The Sunday Times yesterday. . Rural Chinese villagers were […]

The Wonders Of Creation.1

Hi again, . Got another sunny morning here today folks. As we are now into September, I feel we are doing well weatherwise. . Did you see the programme ‘Lost Land Of The Volcano’ on BBC One this week? . I did not get to see it until I watched  a recording last night. WOW […]

Tiger, Tiger. (China Sucks)

I am very, very upset this morning. Sorry, good morning to you all, . Big H went out to get The Times and I could have cried when I saw what was on the front page. . CHINA HAS DECIDED TO ALLOW THE TRADE OF TIGER PELTS. . What is wrong with these people! There […]

Poem: The Green Party Candidate.

the green party candidate . One thursday i was so surprised i’ve seen amazing sights i’d never seen a frog demand respect for froggy rights . he held a sign to make his point ‘for some life is no joke if it’s alright to eat a frog why can’t frogs eat french folk’ .


Hello Women, . Moonbathing! Do you do it? Why not? . I am a great believer in moonbathing.  For many reasons. . There is a primitive, intensely female feeling, especially when you do this in the nude. Life works in cycles and I believe that women are in tune with the moon’s cycles.  Each month […]

Good To Be Green.

Good morning . . I felt the need to share this with you. I have been reading about a wonderful new breakthrough in being Green. This concerns a new washing machine which is coming on to the  commercial market. The machine uses a new technology which was  developed over many years by Stephen Burkinshaw at […]