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Undercover Boss: Don’t They Just Hate It When This Happens!

Hey, . Lately I have been recording Undercover Boss, in order to watch something which can be amusing during the early morning hours when I cannot sleep. . It is very formulaic. Usually, the company C.E.O. manages to stay undercover until the moment of the reveal, which is done back at headquarters in the final […]

A Fine Idea.

Good morning Peeps, . I wish you fun on this fine , . Well, it is actually coldish, wettish and greyish once again….but not minus 20…. so that is an improvement. I keep a ‘weather eye’ out for any changes, because the bad weather is forecast to start again very soon, but as yet we […]

I Want It Every Morning.

Hi, . This is for those of you who are like myself…Toast Lovers! . I now….I know….it is pig-headed of me to keep consuming wheat…but I love toast. And anyway, I am sure that the wheat is slowly improving, I think I look pregnant much less often nowadays. Anyway, my wintry clothes are so layered […]

Throwing Three Black Puddings.

Hi Peeps, . Hopefully you are now getting ready to enjoy whatever passes for an excellent Friday night in your book. . It has been cold here today, with intermittent rain, leaving everything damp and muddy, so it is not the sort of evening to make you want to want to leave the house for […]

Live Quietly On The Earth,

Hi, . It’s a much nicer day here today. Very cold before the sun came up, but sunny now with a pale blue sky….and no rain at all! . I don’t expect anyone is keen on going back to work this , after the weekend, but at least next weekend will be here sooner than […]

From Standing Cats To Simulated Doggy-Style Sex.

Good Morning, . Once again I write from a grey UK. Sometimes, after a wet British winter and a mostly wet British Spring, Summer and Autumn I am surprised we are not all a mouldy green colour here. Tropical it is not, although we can eat lots of bananas and try to persuade ourselves that […]

Free-Bees From The Co-operative.

Hi, . Wishing you a fine day! . Last year The Co-Operative, which has about 600 bee hives on it’s farmland all over the UK, began a pilot scheme in Manchester to try to make people aware of the plight of the Honeybee. They hoped that this new awareness would cause people to want to […]

What Would Big H Like For Breakfast?

Hello Again, . So, once more, I sit here in the early hours of the morning, blogging, instead of getting a good night’s sleep. . It is not my fault this time though….it is Big H’s. . This is because he is so security conscious. . He likes to have the house properly locked up […]

Poem: Special Meal For Four Please.

Special Meal For Four Please. . Some people hate To dine alone They’re sad as sad can be. . But I prefer To dine alone ‘Cos then there’s more for me. . .

Poem: Mary Had A Little Lamb.

mary had a little lamb . mary had a little lamb on mint sprigs it would munch it gave a lovely flavour when she roasted it for lunch . .