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Getting Older

Fascination Of The Four Sisters.

Hi, . I spent some time yesterday, enjoying the work of a guy called Nicholas Nixon. . In 1975 he had a marvellous idea. He decided to take a photograph of his wife, along with her three sisters. . The idea was that he would have them stand in order of their age, from oldest […]

Sex On Wheels.

Hi, . Yesterday we were forced to do some shopping…. or starve. So we finally did some. . While I was out there, doing the , I made a few interesting observations. . First of all, have you realised how many of those white haired oldies are now sailing about on those motorised chair thingies. […]

Touch Wood.

Hello, . So we have reached . I hope that you are one of the lucky ones who can now enjoy long hours in which to do whatever pleases you the most. . This morning I met one of my friends when I was shopping. Sadly, we do not see each other very often now, […]

More About 71 Year Old Superwoman. The Story Continues.

Hello, . Remember about the 71 year old ‘Superwoman’ who tackled criminals all on her own when she assumed that a boy was being attacked, and ended up preventing a robbery? . Well, the story continues. . Ann Timson, the pensioner who foiled robbers who were in the process of robbing a Jeweller’s store in […]

Superwoman, Aged 71, Foils Robbers In Northampton.

Hi, . Today we shall have another story, which is but true. . It is early February in the year 2011, There is a shop called Michael James Jewellers, which is in Northampton town centre. . There is a 71 year old lady called Ann Timson who lives on the Spring Boroughs Estate in Northampton. […]

A Lifetime Love.

Hey, . How strange love is. . And how closely would you be bound together with someone you have been in love with for almost 70 years. This is the story of a couple who were married long ago, after courting for three years . They had three children, all boys, and enjoyed their grandchildren […]

Not Many Good Samaritans Here Then.

Hi, . Well, Christmas is coming, and we are in the season of goodwill towards all men….not! . Because I have a chastening Christmas story to tell you today. Are you sitting comfortably. Then I’ll begin. . This week, in Wiltshire, there was 77 year old retired gardener, called Brian Courtney. He decided to drive […]

Helen Mirren. Baring All At 65.

Hi, . I have just been watching the trailer for the new film ‘Red’. . It stars , Morgan Freeman and the lovely Helen Mirren….she of the red bathing suit . When I was young she was considered to be extremely sexy and overt with it, . The strange….and rare….thing about it is that now […]

Toilet Rolls Are The New Newspaper.

Hello, . So it is Wednesday, or as some of you Canadians out there would say, it’s . . When I awoke this morning, I found myself to be unwilling to actually leave my deliciously warm bed, although I was not sleepy at all. It is most definitely Winter again, and the older I get, […]

The Art Of Living.

Hey Hey, . How wet are we here? Very, very, very wet! . Hey Hey, it has just occurred to me. With that introduction I sound like King George in the film, ‘The Madness Of King George’, where the actor Nigel Hawthorne who was playing King George, kept saying “What, what!” That was a marvellous […]