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Getting Older

An ‘Elvis Has Left The Building’ Occasion.

Hi, . How the hell are you today. It’s a Friday so you have got to be feeling good. After all, there is the whole weekend not touched yet. . But, an important question! Have you made a will? I have recently and it feels good to have done it. . One strange thing though. […]

Build Yourself A Better Brain.

Hello, . We are lucky enough to be enjoying a fine day here. It is all full sunshine and blue skies, plus all the other whistles and bells that could possibly be desired. . Of course, if the weather stays true to it’s recent form, we could be ‘enjoying’ black skies and rampant thunderstorms in […]

It’s A Mad World.

Hi, . Now this is what I call a morning! We have a completely blue sky from one corner to the other, hazy sunshine and a complete absence of dampness, apart from the areas in the shadows. . Of course it is still very early but the moment is perfect. . I hope that you […]

Try Anti-Ageing. The Way Rich People Do It.

Hi, . Here we are again waking up to a heavy grey rainy day….but this one is a bit windy too, just for a change. Never mind though, it is a Friday, so the seductively. . One thing about British weather though, it is supposed to be good for our skins with all of the […]

Cut Price Surgery In India.

Hey, . There is news for all those people who are stuck on the British NHS waiting lists. . In Bangalore, India, there is a state of the art health facility called Narayana Health City, which is mainly staffed with surgeons who have been trained in their profession at NHS hospitals. . Their hospital was […]

A Pleasing Friday Morning.

Hi, . Is your Friday going well so far then? I would hope so, if you have a Friday evening and all of a free weekend not touched yet. If not, bad luck, and perhaps next weekend will be a better one. . We were both up really early this morning, because Big H had […]

That Old Shell Game Of Life.

Hey, . I have just been out to the shop to buy one of life’s necessities  (one litre of generic whiskey on offer for £15.00), and a few extra bits of fancy stuff, such as food. . While I was there, on this rapidly improving day which has turned into excellent sunshine, I was suddenly […]

Divorce Is Seriously Destabilising.

Hey, . Hope your Saturday is going well for you I cannot complain today because it is warm and balmy this morning and Big H is feeling fine. The birds have been fed and my Hyacinths smell wonderful every time I open the door to the patio. All is cool. . I was remembering years […]

It Could All Be A Lot Worse. Trust Me On This.

Hello, . My goodness this week is disappearing fast. It is great to be able to go for walks and pop out to see a friend again instead of being marooned in the house by huge falls of snow and dangerous ice. . I was told yesterday, by a fellow buying meat pies in the […]

Awesome Salsa-dancing British Granny Wins Spanish TV Contest.

Hey, . Did you hear the one about the 75 year old Salsa-dancing granny? . Well, once upon a time, a British pensioner and her husband did what so many older people do. They retired to a place in Spain, near to Valencia. . So far so normal. . Five years ago, when Mrs. Jones […]