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Getting Older

New Eye Implants Offer Perfect Vision.

Hi, . Remember my with laser eye correction? I ended up cancelling my appointment for the laser operation because I had continued doing research on the procedure and had become concerned upon a few points. Two years previously I had been diagnosed as having the beginnings of catatract formation in both eyes, which was a […]

Couldn’t Sleep Again.

Hi, . Could not sleep again last night. I woke up in the early hours and lay there warm and snug for a while but eventually I decided to get up. . Last night we had a Chinese ….and then beers and treats with a film called Transporter 2. It seems like a good film […]

Could The Fountain Of Life Have Flowed With Green Tea!

Good day, . It is a lovely day today. The sky is a startling blue and the sun is shining. It has been so very wet lately that you can almost see the steam rising as the area dries out, like damp clothes on an airer. . The work that is being done in the […]

Poem: My Garden Is Full Of Crap.

My Garden Is Full Of Crap. . The old lady next door Is a looney. The old woman next door Is a tartar. She has hundreds of cats And they’re driving me bats, By crapping all over my Iris Ensata. . .

Get Your Granny A Computer.

Good morning to you, . Well, that was a strange weekend. By the time it was finished I was feeling really sorry for myself. . Last night I was doing my best imitation of a caterpillar, because Big H had me smothered in quilts as I was so shivery . I spent the night on […]

Caring for An Alzheimer’s Sufferer.

Hi, . There are at least 400.000 people affected by Alzheimer’s in Britain at the moment. For those dealing with a person with Alzheimer’s, or those who wonder if they could, or for those just curious about the condition there is a moving account about someone who spent years trying to cope with this awful […]

Help For Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferers?

Hey,, . Even more useful information drawn from The Times today. . It seems that there are currently about 40,000 patients, with Rheumatoid Arthritis, who cannot be helped with available medications. . For the last decade there were no new medications developed that could help these people. Tocilizumab is the first. It is administered by […]

AMD. Age-Related Macular Degeneration.

Hi, . This condition affects many people as they grow older.. In the UK alone there are approaching quarter of a million people who have suffered the effects of AMD, which causes damage to the retina  resulting in full or partial loss of vision. . It is good news that Professor John Marshall, an early […]

Office Politics.

Hey. . Yes, ladies, having been married for years has it’s compensations. After all, the fact that you had the foresight to grab an available man, before the advent of all these liberated, bosom showing, backside twitching modern maneaters, is something to be grateful for. Perhaps the  bosom is not as alluring as it once […]

Dogs’ Bums And Their Owners.

Good morning to you, . As usual, I was up this morning. It is really sunny outside and the sky is a pale Wedgewood blue. A quite entrancing start to the day, until I bagged  up some rubbish and went out of the patio  door and I needed to do these things with some alacrity […]