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Getting Older

Laziness Is A Slippery Slope.

Hi. . Today we have a pretty morning here. The sun is just pouring over the skyline and it must have been raining heavily during the night, because all of the slate roofs are black and wet. The sunlight is reflecting off the the tiles and it looks beautiful. Some of the windows are also […]

Death from a surfeit of sex with vigorous young studs.

Hi, . Today I am very late in writing my page.  Usually I do it first thing in the morning, anytime after 4.00am, but today I slept in. Don’t ask me why, cos I have no idea. The only thing I know for sure, is that it was not caused by my having had a […]

X Factor.

Hello. hello. hello. . . I am happy to say that I now have a reason to live for the next few months. . X FACTOR IS BACK!!!!!!!! It began tonight, and I have had my first addictive fix of Simon and his cohorts, along with the fun of those first few hapless people whose […]


Hello, . It is now thought, by American scientists, that if people drink five cups of coffee per day, then they will reduce their chances of developing . The research was carried out with laboratory mice, which were specially bred to develop Alzheimers when they reached the mouse equivalent of of human old age. . […]

What About Me?

Hi to you all. . Today is a gem, beautiful and very sunny.  Most excellent. If there is any rain coming then I sincerely hope that it goes to you and not me! . I have an acquaintance in the place where I live and when we meet we always have a long chat. She […]

Beware.Down this path lie incontinence pants.

Hi, . Beware of all sales. . I recently found myself looking at an add for digital hearing aids, and doggedly reading every tempting, persuasive word of it, right through to the last bloody full stop. Well, they are such highly expensive items to buy, so this was an excellent offer, a real money saver. […]

Sod the Zimmer frame.

Good Morning to you, . This is an unusually leisurely morning for me. Over the last two weeks we have had the plasterers in to replaster two bedrooms, and it is not a relaxing process. Usually I get up hours before Big H, feed the birds, have my breakfast, then sit around in my dressing […]

Give Them Jam And Bread.

HI Peeps, Hoping all is well with you. . I have invented a good way to vastly reduce the cost of running an Old People’s home. All that is needed are vast amounts of jam, an ample supply of bread and  a DVD of ‘Brief Encounter’. This being a  1945 black and white film starring […]

A bloody sneak attack

Hello Everyone, . Today the weather here is still unbelievably tropical. For the last three or four days it has been hot and humid to an extent which is unusual here. . However I have found myself an unexpected drawback. . Normally I would not consider wearing shorts.  In fact I think that the last […]

Secret police

Hey, I have had a chulo day . I blogged a bit, drew for a while, did the Times crossword and generally enjoyed myself. Big H made me some poached eggs for my tea and then went out to his friend’s house as it is a Thursday night  and they have a standing arrangement to […]