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Healthy Eating, Or Not

It Makes Dying Look Good.

Good day, . This morning we all awoke to pale blue skies and anaemic sunshine….and the news that it has been snowing already….now there’s cheerful then! . Actually I am feeling quite grumpy this morning because I have been somewhat unwell twice over the last two days. I mean, nothing terminal, just unpleasant. . My […]

Coca Cola’s Secret Life.

Hi, . interesting things in the wind today. Secrets are finally loose in the air. . I mean, this is not quite the Rosetta Stone or the dead Sea scrolls….but it’s close in it’s own esoteric way. . The secret recipe that creates Coca-Cola is finally said to be cracked. . You know what we […]

The Nightmare Begins Again.

Hi Peeps, . How are you today. Hey, I know that it is , but there is another weekend coming very soon! . Hopefully you did at least enjoy a fine weekend. . Mine was moving along nicely yesterday, snuggled up with the Sunday papers and an afternoon whiskey, until I decided to pop out […]

I Want It Every Morning.

Hi, . This is for those of you who are like myself…Toast Lovers! . I now….I know….it is pig-headed of me to keep consuming wheat…but I love toast. And anyway, I am sure that the wheat is slowly improving, I think I look pregnant much less often nowadays. Anyway, my wintry clothes are so layered […]

Headmaster Eats A Tarantula.

Hi, . We have a damp morning here today, but we are getting used to it now, so that’s OK. If we cannot go out so much in such weather, there is always tropical stuff to watch on the television…or a good book to get totally lost in. . Things can be weird though, have […]

On E Mails, Supermarket Tabloids And A Burned Dog

Hi, I have just received an e-mail from a friend in France. It is about the benefits of honey, which it would appear, can reverse the results of ageing such as deafness, baldness, acne, obesity and hardened arteries etc. etc. etc. . This is sad in a way because it means that, quite unlike the […]

Freeze Your Unwanted Fat Off.

Hi, . This is good news for those of you who are with certain areas of your bodies, and who have found to be unhelpful. . There has been a innovative new leap forward for those among you who have a problem with extra fat in the wrong places. An amazing new way of removing […]

Radical Thinking.

Hello, . Well, after a fine weekend we are back with the cold and rain, and it’s . But never mind. . With regard to yesterday’s about the very overweight Orangutan, it is interesting to see the latest thinking about overweight people. Of course they cannot be given to an animal sanctuary in order to […]

No More Monkey Business.

Hello, Happy to you. . Today we are going to dine upon a with pancakes, plum sauce, cucumber and spring onions. It is quite a favourite with Big H and I now and you can cook the duck as crispy as you desire, and in Big H’s case that is very very crispy. Perhaps not […]

A French Hannibal Lecter.

Hey, . And so the weekend is off to a grey and overcast start….but no rain as yet. So we are ahead of the game and that’s a hopeful thing. We may yet enjoy a sunny day, even if it never reaches to the formerly continental levels that we have experienced this year. . Talking […]