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Healthy Eating, Or Not

Doctors’ Advice To Gwyneth Paltrow.

G’day, . Greetings once more from our very own version of ‘Groundhog Day’, that most excellent film starring Bill Murray. I cannot believe that you don’t know what I am talking about, but if you don’t, then you need to watch it! Now! Once again I am writing to you from the beginning of a […]

Dog Eats His Master’s Toe.

Hey, . Weyhey, it is the weekend again, how good is that! I hope you are having a nice one out there. . We all woke up to a miserable day here but a rainy Saturday probably beats a sunny Monday for most people. . What would you do if you had woken up this […]

The Cove. Taija Japan. A Disgraceful Secret.

Hi, . This is not the most cheerful of mornings, being wet and grey again today, and neither is this going to be the most cheerful of posts. . Have you seen the prize winning film ‘the Cove’? This eye opening film is an Oscar winning documentary that brings to light the inhumane slaughter of […]

Poem: Feeling Fruity.

Feeling Fruity. . . I like your banana It is such a handsome fruit, Long and curved Like an Arabian scimitar. . .

Unbearable Cruelty In Abattoirs.

Hey, . It is enough to turn you to vegetarianism. . Videos have been released by Animal Aid which were taken during some covert filming in many abattoirs in the UK. . The most recently taken video showed a slaughter man gratuitously inflicting terrible suffering upon pigs, which are shown being given repeated shocks with […]

Starting The Week In Profit.

Hello People, . Not a bad way to start the week, I am now ! Well, let’s face it, are not usually anyone’s favourite day of the week, so anything that can improve a is a welcome thingy. . I do not have any plans for today, as has been the case lately, because poor […]

I Get Some Stupid Ideas At Times!

Hi, . Greetings to you upon this pleasant Friday. Today we have warmth, thick clouds and drizzle….quite nice actually! . Not a lot is happening here at the moment as Big H is feeling a bit weird and weary. The hospital has been in contact today to say that the last blood tests show very […]

Feeling Fruity?

Hi, . Wow, matters here are improving daily. This morning I am the very grateful recipient of about 25% cloud and heavy duty sunshine. Wehay! . How is everything with yourself….I hope that it is good….after all it is Wednesday! Just think of it as being halfway to the weekend, and, some fun, and a […]

Death To Bloating!

Hello, . What an excellent sleep I had last night. I woke up without the aches and pains that both Big H and I have suffered from for the past week since we moved to our last rented accommodations whilst we were away. The culprit was a bloody awful soft bed that we had to […]

It Keeps Sneaking Up On Me.

Hey, . Up again early this morning, but I know why this time. Big H was watching a really cheesy Jean-Claude Van Damme film and I had to leave the room before any more of my brain cells died on me, so I exited off to bed to read a book. He will probably arise […]