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Healthy Eating, Or Not

Barbies Rule.

Hey, . Sunday again, as if you didn’t already know! . Yesterday was a very pleasant day for me. We went along to the garden and discussed cutting the lawn and weeding out the dandelions….but we did not do anything more than lie back on the lawn and drink ice cold beers and talk about […]

It Is Beautiful Today.

Greetings Peeps, . My Oh My, what an outstandingly beautiful day this is. Blue and amazingly warm and sunny with a faint tracing of mackerel cloud in the sky. . I look out of the window to see people in less clothing than usual, smiling and happy, going for their morning papers or walking their […]

What Is Hiding In Your Cupboard?

Hey, . Wet again this morning….but not in a bad way. All of the red brick walls roundabout the place are glowing with the rain and the greenery looks lovely and fresh. There are more pretty flowers than ever filling the patio, with my longed-for Hyacinths looking almost ready to bloom again. And it is […]

Mini Eggs Won.

Hey, . Well that’s Monday over with….it can only get better from now on. . We have a pleasant day her this morning, with a pale grey-blue sky and hazy sunshine. It is definitely warmer now and I have finally been able to go and switch the central heating down, so that should save some […]

Too Good To Be True.

Hey, . Did you have a few drinks at the weekend. . Are you feeling guilty about it! Are you ladies afraid that necking down a regular glass of wine will make you gain weight! . Well, according to a report recently published in America, there is no proven connection between alcohol consumption and weight […]

The Revenge Of The Dubious Chicken.

Good morning to you, . Well, here I am once again, up at an unfeasibly early hour. Unfortunately, we switch off the central heating at night, so it is totally freezing cold. I have looked out of the window and I see that all of the cars on the street are glittering with frost. . […]

A Matter Of Some Weight!

Hi, . News flash. . Weighty matters to share with you all. Whoaah, life can be dangerous in the most unlikely of places. . You do not necessarily have to be or deep sea . . Recently, on Jan 15th in Sweden, some unfortunate people learned that it is dangerous to be too overweight. . […]

The Shocking Re-appearance Of A Victorian Disease.

Hi, . What an excellent morning  it is today. The sky is pale grey, it is very cold but there is one bright ray of sunshine and it is cheering to see it. . That bright shaft of light reminds me of how horrified I felt to find out that there is now a rise […]

Deep And Crisp And Even.

Good Morning Peeps, . How are you this most excellent December day. . I hope that good things are happening to you. . Back here where I dwell, it is way cold, but it looks entirely beautiful. Everything is covered in white, the spectral trees looking like fine lace against a hazily blue sky, and […]

A Very Sweet Tooth.

Hi, . Did you know that a revolution has been going on under our very own noses. Yes it is true. Sweeties are going all Retro. There has been a swing away from the modern style of sweets, with all their E Numbers, and associated bad effects upon children. I mean, if they must eat […]