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Healthy Eating, Or Not

Poem: Simple Simon Annoyed A Pieman.

Simple Simon Annoyed A Pieman. . Simple Simon Met a pieman Going to the fair, Said Simple Simon To the pieman What have you got there. . The question Was stupid The pieman Saw red He grabbed hold of Simon And twisted his head. . .

Guinness Is Good For Me.

Hello people. . Well, Twitter is back online. Hang on, I will just repeat that loudly…TWITTER IS BACK ON LINE!…now all of you sad people can come back in, off the window ledge of desperation and , and continue service as normal. Thank God that I caught you before you took that last, irrevocable step […]

Laziness Is A Slippery Slope.

Hi. . Today we have a pretty morning here. The sun is just pouring over the skyline and it must have been raining heavily during the night, because all of the slate roofs are black and wet. The sunlight is reflecting off the the tiles and it looks beautiful. Some of the windows are also […]


Hello, . It is now thought, by American scientists, that if people drink five cups of coffee per day, then they will reduce their chances of developing . The research was carried out with laboratory mice, which were specially bred to develop Alzheimers when they reached the mouse equivalent of of human old age. . […]

Poem: Barbecue.

barbecue . my friend was almost six foot two i cooked him on my barbecue and by the time that he was done he’d frizzled down to four foot one .

Death To Chocolate Fish.

Good Morning Peeps, . Last night I went to bed early, to read a book, because Big H was playing one of his computer games. He has a big pile of them, all with different titles, but they all appear to be exactly the same game as far as I can see. . It was […]

It was the Guylian Chocolates wot done me in.

Hi, . I thought that I would just give you a quick update about the progress my friend is making with her new You will recall that this is reputed to help a person lose up to one stone in a month. . Well, I am afraid that it is not very good news so  […]


Hello Women, . Moonbathing! Do you do it? Why not? . I am a great believer in moonbathing.  For many reasons. . There is a primitive, intensely female feeling, especially when you do this in the nude. Life works in cycles and I believe that women are in tune with the moon’s cycles.  Each month […]

Diet: Lose one stone in one month.

Hey, . I had an interesting conversation yesterday with a friend. She has been trying to lose some weight, but finds it very hard, because rich cooking is her hobby and her passion. She tries to make slimming meals but the temptation to really do her own thing always gets the better of her. As […]