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Maniacs On The Roads.

Hey Peeps, . My goodness, how many times do we see bad driving on our roads. How many times do we watch some fool who almost caused an accident through bad driving, and wish that there had been a policeman to see it. . How many times, like me, do you see or hear of […]

How Many Times Has This Happened?

Hey, . Sunday Greetings. I hope that you are being greeted today with a bright and sunny summer day, but that is probably a step too far if you reside in the UK. In my particular patch we are still enjoying grey skies and heavy rain….so what’s changed! . Never mind, because all is well […]

A French Hannibal Lecter.

Hey, . And so the weekend is off to a grey and overcast start….but no rain as yet. So we are ahead of the game and that’s a hopeful thing. We may yet enjoy a sunny day, even if it never reaches to the formerly continental levels that we have experienced this year. . Talking […]

An ‘Elvis Has Left The Building’ Occasion.

Hi, . How the hell are you today. It’s a Friday so you have got to be feeling good. After all, there is the whole weekend not touched yet. . But, an important question! Have you made a will? I have recently and it feels good to have done it. . One strange thing though. […]

Build Yourself A Better Brain.

Hello, . We are lucky enough to be enjoying a fine day here. It is all full sunshine and blue skies, plus all the other whistles and bells that could possibly be desired. . Of course, if the weather stays true to it’s recent form, we could be ‘enjoying’ black skies and rampant thunderstorms in […]

It’s A Mad World.

Hi, . Now this is what I call a morning! We have a completely blue sky from one corner to the other, hazy sunshine and a complete absence of dampness, apart from the areas in the shadows. . Of course it is still very early but the moment is perfect. . I hope that you […]

Doctors’ Advice To Gwyneth Paltrow.

G’day, . Greetings once more from our very own version of ‘Groundhog Day’, that most excellent film starring Bill Murray. I cannot believe that you don’t know what I am talking about, but if you don’t, then you need to watch it! Now! Once again I am writing to you from the beginning of a […]

Cruelty To Horses.

Hey, . If you do not want to see painful things and be upset then please don’t read this post, you are probably already too disturbed by a lot of my other posts recently because cruelty never seems to stop. In all of the research I have done into whaling etc, I had never considered […]

Try Anti-Ageing. The Way Rich People Do It.

Hi, . Here we are again waking up to a heavy grey rainy day….but this one is a bit windy too, just for a change. Never mind though, it is a Friday, so the seductively. . One thing about British weather though, it is supposed to be good for our skins with all of the […]

Cut Price Surgery In India.

Hey, . There is news for all those people who are stuck on the British NHS waiting lists. . In Bangalore, India, there is a state of the art health facility called Narayana Health City, which is mainly staffed with surgeons who have been trained in their profession at NHS hospitals. . Their hospital was […]