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Poem: Mary Had A Little Lamb.

mary had a little lamb . mary had a little lamb on mint sprigs it would munch it gave a lovely flavour when she roasted it for lunch . .

A Bed Of Roses.

Hello Peeps, . And the top of the morning to you all. I am lucky enough to have a nice sunny day here myself. . When I was watering my plants today, and feeding the birds their breakfast of left overs and prawn crackers, I was remembering those long ago, blisteringly hot summer days of […]

Poem: Man Cannot Live By Bread Alone. (Extract from Bone Soup.)

man cannot live by bread alone. (he needs carrots) . don’t sneer at a carrot they’re good and they’re fun i’ve met quite a few and i’ve liked every one . they have many functions and take many roles they’re really quite useful for stopping up holes . should you happen to chance upon good […]

What About Me?

Hi to you all. . Today is a gem, beautiful and very sunny.  Most excellent. If there is any rain coming then I sincerely hope that it goes to you and not me! . I have an acquaintance in the place where I live and when we meet we always have a long chat. She […]

Memories Of A Good Friend.

Hello Peeps, . Well, here we are, it is Sunday yet again. . All is quiet here. I have fed the birds, but first I had to remove the remains of a chinese chow mein that I put out for them yesterday. Obviously that is a no-no for the future. Those birds are way more […]

It was the Guylian Chocolates wot done me in.

Hi, . I thought that I would just give you a quick update about the progress my friend is making with her new You will recall that this is reputed to help a person lose up to one stone in a month. . Well, I am afraid that it is not very good news so  […]


. Hello Peeps, . What a supremely beautiful morning it is here today. Wall to wall blue skies, with a slight breeze and a blazing sun. I have just fed the crows and they have been making a terrible racket, before flying off with beaks full of bread,which they then  try to steal from each […]


Hello Women, . Moonbathing! Do you do it? Why not? . I am a great believer in moonbathing.  For many reasons. . There is a primitive, intensely female feeling, especially when you do this in the nude. Life works in cycles and I believe that women are in tune with the moon’s cycles.  Each month […]

Astral Travel anyone?

. Hi, . Have you ever managed to Astral Travel ? . I have tried at various times but I can never get past the bit where I can feel a strong rocking motion.  Perhaps it is one of those situations where , although you really want to do something, you also do not want […]

Adult Poem: Crackers for Cheese

. crackers for cheese . . i do not think i stand alone in my desire for cheese . of all the treats in all the world it is the best of these . some fools believe that oysters can upstand a cock that’s iffy . but just the thought of stilton cheese can give […]