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The Incredible Ageing Woman.

Hi, . Today I woke to surprisingly bright sunshine, and forecasts promise a couple of days of unseasonably good, warm weather. Yeah, possibly, but the seasons pass inexorably no matter what we prefer, or how much we protest their change. . It is the same with life. All of us worry about the unwelcome effects […]

Now You See It….Now You Don’t.

Hello Monday, . After a weekend of rubbish weather, and extremely from the dampness, I was once again thinking of how much nicer it would be to live down in a place like where it is warm enough to support some quite tropical plants. And oh, the lure of more sunshine and much warmer winters. […]

It Makes Dying Look Good.

Good day, . This morning we all awoke to pale blue skies and anaemic sunshine….and the news that it has been snowing already….now there’s cheerful then! . Actually I am feeling quite grumpy this morning because I have been somewhat unwell twice over the last two days. I mean, nothing terminal, just unpleasant. . My […]

Wanton Destruction Finally Takes Place.

Hey, . This post is to let you know that the jobsworths have prevailed once again against the protests of just about everyone else. . You remember , Scarborough. The villagers in Ireton have been protesting for years about the decision by North County Council to cut down their beautiful 100 year old Beech tree. […]

Ugghhhh Boots.

. Hi, . Once again we have reports of terrible which is apparently going on . It seems that many items of apparel which are marked as faux fur are actually produced using the fur of Raccoon Dogs. . It is also reported that many pairs of copy Ugg Boots are not made with actual […]

All Roads Lead To Rome.

Hi, . Oh dear, I am up early again this morning, and it is getting depressingly wintry now. It is seven am now and it is still darkish, as well as being a bit chilly in the house, as the central heating is not set to switch on until 7.30. . There are many beautiful […]

More Of The Same Old.

Hiya, . Greetings from the unluckily rain sodden part of the UK. . I don’t know what it is with our weather up here, but it certainly manages to be sub-standard a lot of the time. Yesterday it was pouring with rain for most of the day, and this was happening was while the beaches […]

An Everyman’s Protest.

Hi, . There is a Battle Royal underway, in a small village of about 150 houses, in . . The villagers of Irton had been fighting for five years to prevent what they consider to be the wanton and unnecessary felling of their beloved Beech tree, which is growing on a grass verge at the […]

Clever Hobbitses.

Hi, . As you were rushing to leave home today, have you ever given a thought to the reasons why many of us are always tiredly dashing off to work. . Is it to pay the large mortgage upon one of the huge structures that we are encouraged to aspire to, with some houses now […]

So What Has Happened To Democracy!

Hi, . So how do you all feel then about finally telling us all that what we want is of absolutely no importance at all to anyone in power. . He says that because we voted a Yes to join the EU in 1975, we are now in the EU forever….one Yes vote now being […]