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Riots in West Croydon. 08-08-2011.

Hi, . Now there are new uploads on YouTube taken from CCTV during the recent rioting. . I have stuck to one particular area…. West Croydon…..on 8th August. . This is a man being robbed of his scooter. . . Buses were attacked. . . Richer Sounds being looted. . Fires started. . . Furniture […]

Feeling Blue!

Bonjour mes amis, . So, as you have probably gathered….today’s post has an authentic French flavour. . It has come about because I was thinking recently about how many of the shades of and brown, used enthusiastically in house decoration and furnishing, are colours that I find to be personally depressing, and would therefore avoid […]

UK Riots Spreading. Latest Update.

Good Morning, . It is quite sombe here in the UK today after the problems of the . . Last night the rioting in London was in control, with a reported 16,000 police in the capital. . Unfortunately, gangs of youths were following on in many other cities nationwide, looting, destroying property, setting fires and […]

Alex: A Life Fast Forward.

Hi Peeps, . So here we are, having arrived at Friday again….gateway to the weekend and the promise of more fun. . Our past week has been a good one indeed, with Big H continuing to improve in leaps and bounds. Even his self-injections are becoming easier for him now. . For the first month, […]

From Godzirra To Seriously Frightening Stuff.

Hi, . So it is that time again. . There have been new reports that a ” has just been spotted by an Alaskan fisherman in Cadboro Bay. It was said to be from 20′ to 30′ long with humps on the back. . So, it may be Nessie enjoying her holidays, or it is […]

You Absolutely Cannot Miss This!

Hi Folks, . I have just seem something absolutely wonderful, and I want to share it with you. . A humpback whale was trapped in a discarded fisherman’s net in the Sea Of Cortez, off the coast of California. . Luckily for the whale, three men in a boat saw what they thought was a […]

The Cube Project.

Hey, Hey, . I hope that all is well with yourself today….and with your home and hearth. . My thoughts have been turning to again lately, and to the changes required for a retirement move. . I have also often wondered how much ‘stuff’ we actually need instead of the mountains of ‘neccessary’ posessions that […]

Ed Milliband Malfunction? These Strikes Are Wrong!

Hi, . Is it just me….or is Mr Milliband having a malfunction of one of his more mechanical parts. . Or is he perhaps trying to say that….These Strikes Are Wrong. . So Here We Go. . . What do you think! . Come on now, stop behaving in a reckless and provocative manner, put […]

Youth Is Wasted On The Young ‘Cos They Don’t Yet Know The Horrible Alternative To It!

Hi Folks, . Good morning to you. . This unusual weather is continuing apace. . Yesterday it rained all morning, but at lunchtime everything cleared up and we decided it was an unmissable chance to get the top down and go out to get some very necessary shopping, if we wanted to continue to eat […]

Wake Up Now.

Hi, . Today is a greeny issue. It is with regard to the scary changes which are taking place in the oceans….and speeding up all the time. . Project Clamer is a worldwide study, where reports from many different are gathered together, as they collaborate in a huge effort to plot the effects of climate […]