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Peter Davies. Mayor Of Doncaster. This Is No ‘Yes-Man’.

Hello, . Recently, a friend of mine, who lives in , asked me what I thought about Peter Davies….Mayor of Doncaster in South Yorkshire. . I confessed that I had no idea who she was talking about, so she sent me a follow-up e-mail about him. Because of that I have something very unusual for […]

Furious Surgeon Orders Clegg And Cameron ‘Off His Ward’

Oh Bliss Oh Poop, . I would love to tell Clegg and Cameron, and all the , to ‘bugger off’ myself”….but someone has finally done it. . were at Guy’s Hospital to put forward their latest U-Turn on policy. . They decided to take a while they were there putting a spin on things. . […]

Fiery Skies. Earthquake In Chile.

Hi, . Bad news on the front at the moment. . There has been a in Chile now, from a volcano in the Puyehue Cordon Caulle Chain, which contains many volcanoes. There is said to have been no major eruption there for the past half a century . There is a high plume of smoke […]

Accept No Limits.

Hello people of all ages, . I had a birthday recently and had to face the unwelcome thought that I am getting to be significantly aged. . That brings with it many stereotypes which are held by other people. It covers stuff like expecting to see excessively wrinkled decrepit looking people, who cannot function without […]

What A Difference A Day Makes.

, . Just thinking that a little touch of Aussie charm would enliven today’s blog offering. . Oh come on, I am doing my best to give an antipodean feel to your day, without you actually having to travel there. . My Oh My, and what a wonderful day it is too. The sun is […]

Volcanoes R Us

Good Morning, . So it is Sunday once more, amazing how regularly we keep getting them really! . The skies were very heavy and black when I got up this morning, not much sign yet of the two weeks of weather which was being forecast to begin about now. But hey, weather is a strange […]

Fascination Of The Four Sisters.

Hi, . I spent some time yesterday, enjoying the work of a guy called Nicholas Nixon. . In 1975 he had a marvellous idea. He decided to take a photograph of his wife, along with her three sisters. . The idea was that he would have them stand in order of their age, from oldest […]

Slings And Arrows.

Hi Folks, . There we go, another week bites the dust Yeah Yeah! Weekend tomorrow. !!!! . This week has been altogether a mass of lows and highs here. From the heady delights of the to this recent political debacle, where the voting public has just said no to everything, leaving Clegg and Cameron shaking. […]

Bah! Humbuggery.

Hey, . Happy Tuesday to yourself. . Never mind, it may be back to work but you will soon be off again and the sun is forecast to shine on. . It makes life so cheerful to have sunshine, and other people are so much happier under that influence. It makes for a more colourful […]

Final Warning. London Air Is Dangerous.

Hi, . I hope I find you chipper today. . We are having another very warm day again here….as forecast….but all is not well. Yesterday it ended up being a hazy sort of day here, all day, and was more chilly out of the sun too. . It turned out that there were warnings issued […]