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Angela Merkel Gets Five Beers Poured Over Her.

. . Obviously a manifestation of so much wishful thinking by so many other people! . . .

On A Plate. AnimaNaturalis.

Hello, . It is amazing to me how many people are actually prepared to put their money where their mouth is, like the members of AnimaNaturalis. . This group was started in about 2003, and is trying to change . . They stage inventive, eye-catching and publicity catching protests to further their understandable aims. . […]

Ufo’s Overhead During Anti-Putin Protest In Moscow.

Hey, . Political happenings with a strange twist for you today. . Because of the recent allegations of rigged voting having taken place during the December elections, to enable Vladimir Putin’s party to retain power, Pro-democracy organisers arranged a protest to take place in . On Saturday, this was attended by thousands of angry people […]

How To Really Stir Up The People.

Hello People, . I am feeling quite depressed today. . Not only because my visitors have now left, and I miss all of the fun in this once-again quiet house….and not only because of the pouring rain….but also because of that totally undemocratically inclined . . There has just been a debate in Parliament about […]

Wanton Destruction Finally Takes Place.

Hey, . This post is to let you know that the jobsworths have prevailed once again against the protests of just about everyone else. . You remember , Scarborough. The villagers in Ireton have been protesting for years about the decision by North County Council to cut down their beautiful 100 year old Beech tree. […]

More Of The Same Old.

Hiya, . Greetings from the unluckily rain sodden part of the UK. . I don’t know what it is with our weather up here, but it certainly manages to be sub-standard a lot of the time. Yesterday it was pouring with rain for most of the day, and this was happening was while the beaches […]

So What Has Happened To Democracy!

Hi, . So how do you all feel then about finally telling us all that what we want is of absolutely no importance at all to anyone in power. . He says that because we voted a Yes to join the EU in 1975, we are now in the EU forever….one Yes vote now being […]

Riots in West Croydon. 08-08-2011.

Hi, . Now there are new uploads on YouTube taken from CCTV during the recent rioting. . I have stuck to one particular area…. West Croydon…..on 8th August. . This is a man being robbed of his scooter. . . Buses were attacked. . . Richer Sounds being looted. . Fires started. . . Furniture […]

UK Riots Spreading. Latest Update.

Good Morning, . It is quite sombe here in the UK today after the problems of the . . Last night the rioting in London was in control, with a reported 16,000 police in the capital. . Unfortunately, gangs of youths were following on in many other cities nationwide, looting, destroying property, setting fires and […]

Ed Milliband Malfunction? These Strikes Are Wrong!

Hi, . Is it just me….or is Mr Milliband having a malfunction of one of his more mechanical parts. . Or is he perhaps trying to say that….These Strikes Are Wrong. . So Here We Go. . . What do you think! . Come on now, stop behaving in a reckless and provocative manner, put […]