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Troubled World.

Hey, . Greetings to you on a brilliantly sunny Friday. Once more there is light and heat here so we are feeling cheery again….quite apart from the fact that the weekend is always welcome. . I am feeling a bit frustrated though, because a friend who lives in France sent me a hilarious e-mail yesterday, […]

About A Hero.

Hey, . Some weeks ago I was reading a Times supplement magazine and I came across the pictures that were this year’s World Press Photo competition prize winners. Usually this a an enjoyable moment of admiration for someone else’s artistry and talent. But not this time. . One of the photos, which won first prize […]

And While We Are On The Subject Gordon.

Hello, . As you know from my other post, I am So I am sharing this with you too. It will not alter the status quo at all but I will feel a lot better by getting it all off my chest. . . And While We Are On The Subject Gordon. . Servicemen need […]

You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself Gordon.

Hello, . As you know I am totally enjoying the new programmes about the BBC expedition to Mount Bosavi  to film the Lost Land Of The Volcano series. . The hope is that we will all realize that we cannot afford to keep on destroying our jungles at the present rate.  If we do not […]

Oops, They Did It Again.

Hi Folks, . Well, today I want to tell you a bit more about China. . In China recently, there have been reports of even more Environmental damage being caused to their people, and of officially backed ill treatment to silence protesters. This was highlighted by The Sunday Times yesterday. . Rural Chinese villagers were […]

The Party’s Over.

Greetings to you, . The party’s over, so to speak, and the Bank Holiday has been and gone. But excellent anyway. I hope that you managed to have a wonderful break, even if you spent a large part of it hiding from the rain, just like us. . We did manage to have one nice […]