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Congratulations To Nick Vujicic And His Bride!

Hey, . It is wonderful to hear that Nick Vujicic got married in California on 10th February this year. His bride is the very beautiful Kanae Miyahara. . They honeymooned in Hawaii, and will live together in California. . You may remember my , who suffers from Tetra-Amelia Syndrome, and who has no arms or […]

Tao Porchon-Lynch

Hi, . I was reading about an unusual lady this week, who wowed everyone in Mumbai recntly when  at an event there. She is called Tao Porchon-Lynch. She re-located from India to America in her thirties. She is a Yoga Master, having practiced for the past 70 years, and she still teaches. She is 93. […]

12 Year Old Girl Visits Heaven, And Paints It.

Hey, . We have an unusual post today. It is about a 12 year old girl who says that she regularly began having  visions of Heaven from the time that she was four years old. . This young girl, called Akeane Kramarik, began telling her mother about Heaven at that time, and began clearly describing […]

Thought For The Day.

Hi, . . I suddenly had a thought of my own last night….and this is it…. . …. Isn’t it strange how people who have nothing to say have so much to say! …. . . .

China: Child Run Over Twice, Ignored By Passers-By.

Hey, . The video contained in this post is an unbelievable one. . It shows harrowing footage from the Guangfo Hardware Market, in , and was recorded on October 13th. . A two year old girl, wandering in a road, is hit by a van, which is seen to leave the scene of the accident […]

No Arms, No Legs, No Worries.

Hi, . We can make life so hard and blame circumstances for things that do not go well. . I mean a lot of my friends can consider their day to be ruined if they have a day. Bad hair….what about having no arms!! . The next clip is an one. The lady shown has […]

Feeling Blue!

Bonjour mes amis, . So, as you have probably gathered….today’s post has an authentic French flavour. . It has come about because I was thinking recently about how many of the shades of and brown, used enthusiastically in house decoration and furnishing, are colours that I find to be personally depressing, and would therefore avoid […]

Alex: A Life Fast Forward.

Hi Peeps, . So here we are, having arrived at Friday again….gateway to the weekend and the promise of more fun. . Our past week has been a good one indeed, with Big H continuing to improve in leaps and bounds. Even his self-injections are becoming easier for him now. . For the first month, […]


Hey, . Greetings once more, on a very cold morning. . I was told by a cheerful soul yesterday that we can expect to have a return to the freezing cold, snowy weather again today. I did not want to believe it, but last night it suddenly became dreadfully chilly, so we may indeed be […]

See No Evil.

Hi, . Sometimes you just read something, and the questions which are raised can be most uncomfortable. . What on earth would you do if you saw someone being savagely beaten by a group of young men, on the street, and in broad daylight. . We are all so afraid, out there these days, that […]