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Not Many Good Samaritans Here Then.

Hi, . Well, Christmas is coming, and we are in the season of goodwill towards all men….not! . Because I have a chastening Christmas story to tell you today. Are you sitting comfortably. Then I’ll begin. . This week, in Wiltshire, there was 77 year old retired gardener, called Brian Courtney. He decided to drive […]

Jacinto Zarabata’s Visit To London.

Hi, . I hope that you had an excellent weekend. We had a very, very damp one here because it never stopped raining at all. I am surprised that we are not all tiny from shrinkage after being soaking wet so often, I mean if you waited for it to actually stop before you went […]

A Moment Out Of Time.

Hi, . Lying in bed this morning, feeling deliciously warm and not yet wanting to face the chill of getting up, I began thinking about outstanding moments in a life. The ones that stay clear and meaningful even decades later on. . One of mine took place in . . is a strange place, with […]

A Warning. Broadcast Globally This September 2010.

Hi, . . Twenty or so years ago, a film maker called Alan Ereira was making a documentary for the BBC. He worked with a tribe of people who called themselves the Kogi. These people live up on remote mountains on Colombia’s coast in South America. . This tribe believe that their purpose is to […]

The Worlds Around Us.

Hey, . It’s looking good here, warm and sunny so far, and we are mid-way through the week. So are you of course! . Today has been quiet so far, in that I had my breakfast and then finished off my latest library book. I have to say that I enjoyed it and did not […]

Another Reference To ‘The End Of Days’.

Hey, . Good morning to you. . We have a beautiful morning here today. I awoke to sunshine and some blue sky….no rain at all yet. I would quit while I am ahead but unfortunately there is the rest of the day to get through….and that probably means even more rain. . But then again, […]

December 12th 2012. End Of Days?

Hi, . I hope that you are well today. I hope that you are enjoying life. . Have you ever wondered about all of the different prophecies, beliefs and forecasts about the timing of the end of the world as we know it. These range from the beliefs of American Indians and the biblical Revelations […]

George Harrison Did It First.

Good Day, . I had a somewhat frustrating conversation over New Year. . It is amazing sometimes, how people seem to think that only the stuff that they personally experienced is true, and how totally rigid they can be about their version of the truth. . This particular conversation was about Sir Bob Geldorf and […]

A Visit To Hell.

Hey, . I’m up a bit later this morning, probably because it is so bloody cold just now. I know that the central heating does not come on until 7.30am, so I expect that subconsciously I have decided to sleep longer rather than sit up and freeze for hours. There is no point in undergoing […]

Conversation On A Train.

Hi Peeps, . All the best to you upon this fine, sunny morning. I think that it could best be described as cold….yet bracing! . Big H is off to the doctors this morning, because I made him an appointment after talking with my brother at the weekend. He is going to ask to be […]