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Shiny Things.

Good Morning. . I awoke today thinking about the old saying that ‘Revenge is a dish best served cold,’ it is very clever, and definitely is a soundbite created in media heaven.  But it is wrong! . This type of thinking is a recipe for absolute disaster. . Let’s imagine that someone ‘does you wrong’ […]

Who Was That Man.

Hi people, . This is a very late post today. Usually I write them in the of the morning, when I feel like the last person left standing.  A  regular ‘War of the worlds’ or ‘I am legion’ type of feeling. But not today. I did not wake until after eight and it has been […]

Evil Is Alive And Well.

Hi again, . In the 1700’s Edmund Burke said, …’the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing’… . You could say that this is like the situation that we have allowed to develop today. Because we deny the possibility of evil. . We say that all the […]

Poem. Geordie Dialect: The Seeance.

The Seeance. . When me grannie fell deed From a bash on thi heed A seeance was thi notion Wi got. . So wi alle sat on doon At me mam’s in the toon, Whetha wi felt deed stupid Or not. . Though nowt much occurred Just wa old moggie stirred, Wi wa alle more […]

Memories Of A Good Friend.

Hello Peeps, . Well, here we are, it is Sunday yet again. . All is quiet here. I have fed the birds, but first I had to remove the remains of a chinese chow mein that I put out for them yesterday. Obviously that is a no-no for the future. Those birds are way more […]


. Hello Peeps, . What a supremely beautiful morning it is here today. Wall to wall blue skies, with a slight breeze and a blazing sun. I have just fed the crows and they have been making a terrible racket, before flying off with beaks full of bread,which they then  try to steal from each […]

Astral Travel anyone?

. Hi, . Have you ever managed to Astral Travel ? . I have tried at various times but I can never get past the bit where I can feel a strong rocking motion.  Perhaps it is one of those situations where , although you really want to do something, you also do not want […]

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Hi Peeps, . Isn’t it a shame that people’s insides do not match their outsides. There are so many ways that people are judged these days, all based upon outside appearances and an abundance of expensive, purchased things. Nobleness of spirit being considered nothing like as important as a big impressive house, a new car […]


Good morning to you all, . Last night I slept really deeply. I went to bed at 12.30am and slept straight through to 9.45. This is very unusual  for me to sleep so late for no reason . I did have a strange dream though. I dreamt I was walking down a street and passed […]

Strange Fruit.

Hi, . This morning I woke unfeasibly early again, but I was snug, and it was quite enjoyable to simply lie there next to a quietly sleeping Big H , just letting my mind drift past all sorts of disconnected memories and thoughts. . I remembered my father and various conversations that we had when […]