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X Factor With Videos: Live Show 6 Results On 14th November 2010.

Hi, . So here we go. Votes are in and somebody goes home with their dreams in tatters. . Who will it be?. Let’s find out. . First we had the finalists singing together…Can’t Stop Moving. . . . There were three guest acts tonight. 1. JLS. . . 2. Westlife. . . . .3. […]

X Factor With Videos: Live Show 6 On 13th November.

Hey, . Greetings. It has been a hectic week since last Saturday’s results show, what with calls to have Cheryl sacked, talk of rehearsed charades taking place instead of real viewer voting and the ejected Treyc having three times as many viewer votes as the ‘saved’ Katie….. to relevant post. . It also seems that […]

Splat! Cheryl Cole Gets A Custard Pie In The Face.

Hi Peeps, . I’ll bet that this is something that you did not expect to see. She ended up with a face-full of custard after a 12 year old boy smacked her in the face with a custard pie. . There are probably many people in the UK who would like to do something similar […]

Calls For Cheryl To Be Axed From X Factor.

Hi, . Wow, what a fuss at the beginning of the week after Cheryl refused to choose which of her acts would leave the show. As a result of this the choice did not go to public vote and Treyc Cohen had to leave, while Katie Waissel still managed to hang on for yet another […]

X Factor With Videos. Live Show 5 Results On 7th November 2010

Hi, . So, once again the nation has been voting. . Which two acts will be the recipients of the lowest number of votes, and will then have to fight it out in a sing-off in front of the judges. Your guess is as good as mine. . Here we go then. We begin with….the […]

X Factor With Videos: Live Show 5 on 6th November 2010.

Hey, hey, . Greetings once again, welcome to ‘X Factorland’. . There have been things going on during the past week of course, the most exciting being that there are reports that Prince, 52, will be a guest in December’s Final, so that would be a bit of a coup for the show. He would […]

Video: Jay Kay Got Headbutted Last Time He Annoyed Someone!

Hey, . With reference to my last post about Jay Kay annoying the X Factor judges on Sunday by about Danni Minogue and Cheryl Cole . It would seem that he does have somewhat of a reputation for being obnoxious. . This is a video of him being verbal with some reporters after the Star […]

No Ovation For Jamiroquai? X Factor Puzzle Answered.

Hi, . So , the answer to one of the great questions of our time….well, of Sunday 31st of October anyway. . In last night’s post I commented that the X Factor panellists had been extremely rude when they pointedly did not give Jamiroquai the usual standing ovation after their excellent guest performance in yesterday’s […]

X Factor With Videos: Live Show 4 Results On 31st October 2010.

Hi folks, , Sunday evening is here. Are you waiting with bated breath. Excellent….so here we go once more, to see who is about to have their ‘this means the world to me’ dreams shattered. . I don’t expect it will be 17 year old Cher Lloyd though, as she received rave comments from the […]

X Factor With Videos: Live Show 4 On 30th October 2010

Hello fellow addicts, . The next dose of our chosen obsession is here. . There have been yet more bizarre happenings in ‘X-Factorland’ this week. . John Adeleye, who was ousted last week, has reportedly hit back by saying that he did not get a fair chance and that Wagner is always causing trouble. I […]