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Extra Songs From Matt Cardle.

Hi Peeps, . Well, it seems that everyone is agreeing with of Matt Cardle being the most likely act to win this year’s X Factor competition. . He just keeps turning out excellent original performances every week. . I have been checking up a bit on him and found out that he was with a […]

X Factor With Videos: Live Show 3 Results On 24th October 2010.

Hi Peeps, . Well, who will be sent home tonight. Remember that it has been decided that only one act will go. . Although Wagner has been seen today wearing a ‘Vote Rebecca’ t-shirt, because last night’s reaction to his performance has obviously made him think that he will be the next to go….it might […]

X Factor With Videos: Live Show 3 On October 23rd 2010.

Hi Folks, . Oh my, Oh my, what a week it has been in ‘X-Factorland’ . Wagner has reportedly moved out of the house to stay in a hotel because he said the house ‘smelled funny’ and he complained about everyone else’s behaviour too. . There were rumours that Matt Cardle and Katie Waissel had […]

X Factor With Videos: Live Show 2 Results On October 17th 2010.

Hi There’ . More troubles in ‘X Factor-Land’ this weekend. . It seems that last weekend on the TV3 Irish television channel, Tesco screened an advert to say ‘We’re behind Mary’. If you remember, Mary has worked behind one of their tills for years . Well, it seems that Tesco has now sent about 300,000 […]

X Factor With Videos: Live Show 2 On October 16th 2010.

Hi, . So here we all are again, no limit to the excitement. . Which two will be sent home this time, and who will be left to keep reaching for the chance to be a star. There have been newspaper reports about the bad behaviour and tantrums of Cher Lloyd and Katie Waissel, with […]

X Factor With Videos: Live Show 1 Results On 10th October 2010.

Hi Folks, . So, who went. Remember two go tonight, because of the addition of the wildcards in . . The show opened with all of the contestants joining together to sing. Rhythm Of The Night. . . Boring, boring, boring. . Then it was time for the first guest, Usher, to sing. . . […]

X Factor With Videos: Live Show 1 On 9th October 2010.

Hi Fellow Addicts, . And so the contest gets rolling properly tonight. Who will shine and grow and who will crumble and fall. Who will engage the public and who will not please them however good they may be! . There is also a new twist to the competition tonight because each judge has been […]

X Factor With Videos: Final 12 Are Chosen For 2010.

Hi, . Well, it is that time again, when we find out who will be chosen by their mentors, to fight out the final stages of X factor. Only 12 will be lucky tonight. If you want to see the performances that last night’s 32 wannabees are being judged on then just to that last […]

X Factor With Videos: Judges’ Houses 2010.With 32 Would-Be Finalists

Hi, . Saturday night’s X Factor covered the first part of the judges’ houses section. . There were 32 would-be finalists giving their all, with varying degrees of success. All 32 finalists desperately hoping that they will be amongst the lucky twelve to be chosen for the final stages of the contest, wanting to keep […]

X Factor With Videos: Matt Cardle. My Prediction Of 2010 Winner.

Hey Peeps, . As some of you may be aware, it is now that time of year once more. X Factor has started again. Yeaaaah! . I make no excuses for my obsession with this whole series. It probably sounds cheesy, but for me there is a definite fascination in seeing someone living an ordinary […]