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X Factor 2009

X Factor Results. The Final. With Videos. 13th December 2009.

Hey, . So here we are. We have finally reached the Final. . Who will win tonight. Will it be Joe or Olly! Let’s find out. . It kicked off with a group performance by the X Factor final twelve singing “Never Forget”. . . Then the first songs of the night by the two […]

X Factor Final. Part 1. With Videos. 12th december.

Hi, . So here we go again. Only three remain. Olly…Joe…Stacey. . Each of them will sing three songs tonight, before one will leave at the end of the evening. . The first song they sang was the one they chose for their audition. A good chance for Olly to be seen as cool again. […]

X Factor Semi Final Results. With videos. 6th December 2009.

Hi Folks, . Have you decided who you think will go? Excellent, but are you right! . No doubt the contestants will be nervous about falling at the last hurdle before the Final. . My thoughts are that Joe will definitely be in the Final…and should most definitely win it….but you can never tell what […]

X Factor Semi Final, With Videos. 5th December 2009.

Hi, . Not long to wait now until we see who wins the competition next week. . Only four contestants are left and they are all desperate to reach the Final. . The theme for the first four songs was Michael Jackson’s music. . First up was Olly Murs singing Can You Feel It. . […]

X Factor Live Show 8 Vote Results. Plus Video. 29th November 2009.

Hi, . So it is that time again. We wait to see who’s dreams are shattered tonight. . So let’s go. First, the group performance. . . Then the first guest was Alicia Keys. . . Hated it all. What a hideous ‘I Am A Shiny Red Sausage’ outfit that was. . . Second guest […]

X Factor Live Show 8. Plus Video. 28th November 2009

Hello, . Well, it is that time again. The last 5 of 200,000 hopefuls. . This week each contestant sang two songs. The first set of songs was from  Take That. . 1. Danyl Johnson. . What a rubbish dancer! For me, he just does not appeal, although he does look better now with the […]

X Factor.Haven’t John and Edward Done Well!

Good Morning Dear Peeps. . Interesting, but fluffy, news in all of the papers this morning. . I an hoping that things are going well for you today, but I very much doubt that you are in line for earning a large sum of money, possibly in excess £2m, very quickly. John and Edward are. […]

Greensleeves. X Factor’s Joe McElderry meets Henry Tudor.

Hi, . So we have got over the excitement of the weekend and we have a whole week not touched yet. Most excellent, because anything could happen. The world is our lobster! . I was a bit late in getting up today so I have just had to dash down and let the painters in […]

X Factor Live Show 7, Public Vote Results.22nd November 2009.

Hi again, . So, who will survive tonight. It won’t be long before someone else has to go-go. . We shall soon see. . Susan Boyle was the first guest. She sang Wild Horses. . The second guest was Mariah Carey. She sang I Wanna Know What Love Is. All of  the contestants gathered onstage […]

X Factor Live Show 7. Plus Video. 21st November 2009

Hi Folks, . So here we are again. Once more waiting to see who will be pointed out by the fickle finger of fate….also known as the great British public. . After last week’s debacle, anything could happen, Given the shock disappearance of Jamie Archer, in the midst of much lesser singers, we can only […]