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X Factor 2009

Monday, Monday.

Good Morning To You, . So here we are, with another week not touched yet. So the world is our lobster and anything can happen! . I hate Monday….no, I don’t really, because I have just had my Warburtons Potato Pancakes, and they were way tasty too. has been very busy on my behalf. He […]

A Homage To My 2009 X Factor Favourite. Jamie Archer!

Hello, . Greetings to all of you fellow X Factor addicts. . Today Mr T has just given me a Masterclass in the archane and magical method of embedding a video directly into my blog….without me resorting to providing a link through to U Tube . . I am now going to try this out […]

X Factor Public Vote Results on live show 6. 15th november 2009.

Hi again, . So, who will survive the night. It will not be long before …Another One Bites The Dust! . Will your favourite act be relegated to fighting it out before the judges….and then binned! . We shall soon see. . Tonight All of the X Factor finalists joined together to sing You Are […]

X Factor Live Show 6. Plus Links To Video. 14th November 2009

Hi to all you addicts out there. . It is that time again…so here we go! . This week is Queen Week….not an easy act to follow! . So who will give a rubbish performance tonight, and totally ruin their own grand dreams of world domination….soon we shall see. After all, somebody has to go, […]

X Factor Public Vote Results On Live Show 5. 8th november 2009

Hi, . Vote results tonight. So who will be the unlucky one? It is hard to guess what the public will do…so no one can be safe. . The first guest performance was by The Black Eyed Peas singing Meet Me Halfway. . The second guest was Leona Lewis singing Happy. . Tonight the two […]

X Factor Live Show 5. Plus links to video. 7th November 2009.

Hey Fellow Addicts, . So tonight we watch again as the would be X factor winners fight for their places in the finals. Who will go tomorrow. Whose dreams will come to a sudden halt. Tonight we shall see how they perform, as each week the competition hots up relentlessly. . Will Danyl regain his […]

X Factor. Results Of Voting on Live Show 4. Ist November 2009.

Hi, . So who will leave the show tonight! Which two will receive the lowest number of votes and fight it out in a sing-off? Soon 9 will become 8. . Bon Jovi did the first guest spot tonight. Now there’s Rock Stars. They have always pleased and Jon is sooooo pretty! . JLS were […]

X Factor Live Show 4, Plus links To Video. 31st October 2009.

Hi, . So here we are again…Rock Week! When one more hapless would-be will be dispatched tomorrow. . 1. Joe McElderry. He began the show with a good performance. He has a beautiful voice but he is not a rocker. Ahhh!  He’s a pretty little thing! I hated the dancers. . 2. Lucie Jones next. […]

X Factor Live Show 3 Vote. October 25th. Who Goes Today.

Hello Peeps, . Hoping that your Sunday is proving to be a most excellent one. . Tonight we had the X Factor results from the public vote after live show 3. . It takes most of an hour to do this and sometimes it has been a long wait for what only takes ten minutes […]

X Factor Results Live Show 3, Plus Links To Video. 24th October 2009

Hi, . Tonight, here we are again, waiting for 10 to become 9. . For two weeks now Rachel Adedeji has managed to retain her place, after being amongst the two acts with the lowest number of public votes. . Is tonight going to be her last attempt to hang on in there? She obviously […]