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X Factor 2009

X Factor Final. Who Goes Today. 18th October.

Hi fellow addicts, . So here we are again.  Eleven must become ten no matter how much everyone cries. . I do not expect any shocks as yet. That should happen later on. when only the best are left. . Tonight we had a performance from Whitney Houston, who is trying to restart her career. […]

X Factor Results Plus Links To Video 17th October.

Hey, . Here we go again. . Tonight the eleven finalists will try their best not to be voted out tomorrow. The performances were based upon great Diva songs. . 1. Lucie jones opened the show. Hated the dress. Forgettable performance.  Perhaps she needs another few years to mature. What do you think? . 2.  […]

X Factor final. Who goes today. 11th October.

Greetings Peeps. . Who will leave tonight in the first public vote? . I guess if Cheryl and Danni had the power it would definitely be Kandy Rain, the ex-pole dancers. But as it is not up to them it will be interesting. It’s on now so I must be off to watch it. . […]

X Factor Results Plus Links To Video.10th October.

Hey there, . Well, the real contest has begun tonight, with twelve acts all hoping that they will not fall at the first hurdle.  The fascination being that one of them will go, but which one will it be? This time I have given you links to U Tube so that you can access the […]

X Factor 10.

Hey, . Hope your Monday is starting well and that your weekend was a good one. . Well here we go again with another X Factor episode.  This one finally choosing the final 12 acts to go through to the live finals. . Beginning in Dubai with Danni and the six girls. After waiting overnight […]

X Factor 9.

Good morning Peeps, . And so the game unfolds. . Did you watch it last night? It was judge’s houses this week.  The four different categories jetted off to spend time with their various mentors while they are whittled down from 24 to 12. Simon was in Los Angeles with the over 25’s, and Sinitta. […]

X Factor 7 & 8

Hi, . There does not seem any point this week in writing two separate blogs because this is definitely just the one show in two parts. This week the remaining 200 would-be winners are at Hammersmith Apollo, doing their best to be chosen to be amongst the last 50 acts who will go on to […]

X Factor 6.

Hello folks, . I enjoyed the programme so much more tonight. I think perhaps I must have been in a grumpy mood last night, because I did not even mention the one guy that I did like. I think that he was an American…and pretty with it! . Tonight we saw a guy called Daniel, […]

X Factor 5.

Hello peeps, . Tonight I watched X  Factor as usual. . I cannot say that I particularly enjoyed it. There was no one who really struck me as a possible  winner, or moved me greatly, this week. . I also found, that during this programme, I was hoping that no ‘appealling young person’ would cry […]

X Factor 4

Hi Folks, . I have just had my weekly dose of X Factor. . What is it with this new series!  I am finding that it is not quite so compelling at the moment. Perhaps the idea of holding the auditions in a big theatre, with the audience of 2000, has somehow changed the dynamics […]