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X Factor 2010

So Now X Factor Is Over.

Hey Folks, . So now X Factor is over for one more year. Although Matt Cardle will receive a £1m recording contract,  there is only one real winner here, and that is the talented Mr. Simon Cowell. . It has been estimated that 2o+ million of us watched the show last night….and have paid an […]

X Factor With Video Links: Live Show 10 Grand Final. 12th December 2010.

Hi, . So, tonight we find out who will win X Factor….Matt, Rebecca or One Direction. . I’ll bet they have terrible nerves at this point. . To begin…. 1. the X Factor finalists sang together with Take That. . . 2. Matt Cardle. . . Louie said that after 17 years, this was his […]

X Factor With Video. Live Show 10 Finals. 11th December 2010.

Hey People, . So we have eventually got here. The Finals. . Apparently reports say that last week’s controversial loser, Mary Byrne, has already been signed to Sony and preparations are being made for them to release an album in 2011. There have also been rumours that Simon is going to sign up all four […]

Complaints Of Vote-Fixing At X Factor Semi-Finals.

Oh My, . Press reports of problems again in X Factorland. This is because of the sudden sing-off, which took place in last night’s semi final, between Cher Lloyd and Mary Byrne. I don’t think this has happened before in the history of the show, because usually the voters are in control at that point. […]

X Factor With Video Links: Live Show 9 Results On 5th December 2010

Hello People, . So, we are about to get the results of the semi-finals. Who, will go….was I right in my forecast or not! Let’s see then. . First off. 1. Alexandra Burke. . Link to tonight’s performance on U Tube. . 2. Cast Of Glee. . Link to tonight’s performance on U Tube. . […]

Wagner gets It On.

Hey People, . So it is the results of the semi-final tonight. Excellent. . Oh by the way,  I have been reading that Wagner is doing very well at the moment. After being out of sight for a few days after leaving the show, he has now surfaced, and is doing performances at various nightclubs. […]

Louis Walsh And Bruce Forsyth Spat.

Hello Again, . According to the newspaper reports…Louie 58, and Bruce 82, are having a somewhat vicious squabble at the moment. . Apparently last Monday, during the recording of  Strictly Come dancing, Brucie made some derogatory remarks about X Factor being such an embarrassing programme that he could not bear to watch it. He called […]

X Factor With Video Links: Live Show 9 On 4th December 2010.

Hey X Factor Fans, . So here we are at the semi-finals. . What will happen tonight then, who will fall at the last hurdle. Who will go forward to the finals. . We shall see. And so it begins….singing club classics. , Tonight I have had to revert to just providing you all with […]

Poor Matt Cardle And Happy Cheryl Cole.

Hi, . We are still snowed under here in the UK, and everything has come to a dead halt as usual. Amazing how it happens every time we get snow. . At the moment a large proportion of schools are closed, people cannot get into work, and those who do try are held up for […]

X Factor With Videos: Live Show 8 Results On 28th November

Hi, . Sunday again. So who will go tonight….two of the hopefuls for sure….and the remaining contestants will be all set for the semi-finals next Saturday. . So here we go. First up was…the first of the 3 guest artists of the night. 1. The Wanted….the official video. . . Link to actual X Factor […]