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x Factor 2011

Gentlemen, Let’s Be Upstanding!

Hi, . My goodness it was freezing cold here last night. . I kept waking up throughout the night because it was so cold….horrible! When I got up this morning into a chilly bedroom, I gave an involuntary shudder-type thing and felt a sharp crunchy pain in my neck….and now I cannot move it ….and […]

It’s Decision Time….Who Is Going To Leave The Show This Week!

Hi, . It is Wednesday today, so we can now begin to make plans for the weekend. . My own plans have now changed, in so far as my planned television viewing is concerned anyway. . As you know, I have been going off X Factor since last year’s show and all of the vote-fixing […]

Meet Me In Winter. 1.

. Hey, . There are many picturesque and that are examples of the best to be found in Britain. . Places like the lovely small market town in the Cotswolds….enchantingly named Wotton-under-Edge. . . . In this place an idea grew from the thoughts of Katie Elliott….and spread on their website …. meetmeinwinter.org. The result […]

Josh Krajcik. X Factor USA. A Star Is Born!

Hi, . I have been watching Simon Cowell’s new ‘X Factor USA’. . I think that they are going to regret getting rid of because she was good, and far more real, than her replacement Nichole Scherzinger. . Yes, it must have been a bit intimidating for , up against the much more experienced and […]

Jade Richards Was Amazing On X Factor 2011.

Hi, . I was watching the latest auditions for X Factor tonight, and I really enjoyed them a lot. . In amongst the usual, totally deluded would-be’s, there was some amazingly good talent on the show. . I was especially impressed with some of the 16 year olds, who were astoundingly good. They were Max […]